10 Best Nike Running Tights For Every Weather Or Condition

When looking for the best Nike running tights or even any other product by the brand we are all aware they will be of high quality, very comfortable and very popular.

With so many different types of leggings/tights out there, Nike has tried to make way in all of the  types and shapes and designs and perfectly created each product for their purpose. Below we bring you 10 Best Nike Running Tights/leggings that are supposed to be the most popular and most used by real people.

How do we determine which Nike tights will get into the list?

Excellent question! Before compiling this list, we did a deep research and browsed the internet and found out what people like to buy and what they think about it afterwards.

We look at positive or negative reviews, we look at how many items have been sold, we look at social media and much more details and data that help us compile the list.

The results should be pretty representative of the reality but you should always remember that when buying clothes, it’s very personal and everyone has his own taste and style.

Why Nike running tights?

Nike is one of the leading brands and manufacturers of sporting clothes and shoes. For many years this brand is considered a leading company and innovator by creating special basketball shoes, leggings, tights, yoga pants,shirts and much more to meet the demand of athletes and people all over the world.

Nike has some of the most lucrative deals with famous sports players in the NBA, NFL and many other sports, this is their marketing approach, if Lebron James is wearing Nike, it must be very good ( This is just an example, we don’t know if he his )

You can see many people in the gym wearing Nike leggings, or many runners using Nike running tights because of their top quality and beautiful designs. It’s no surprise that they grew to become a leading brand in this industry, and it looks like they will stay at the top for many years to come.

1. Men’s Power Essential Run – Best Nike running tights for men?

A great pair of tights right here, designed to vent extra heat and super comfortable in rather cold weather (not too cold though, it’s still only tights). If you are all about running and you do it even in winter, try these out, they will not disappoint you.

Special features

  • Dry comfort. The dri-FIT fabric will pull away any sweat
  • Cool back knee mesh ventilation
  • Elastic waistband for maximum comfort
  • Easy to take on and off with zippers on the side
  • 92% polyester. 8% spandex

Number of positive reviews we could find: 20

Men's Power Essential Run - Best Nike running tights for men?

2. Women’s Pro Cool Training

Keep yourself cool even in super hot weather! These running leggings are designed to keep the heat moving out and because of that, they are a great pick. They also look great and offer a decent squeeze that your muscles love so much!

Special features

  • HyperCOOL technology by Nike gives extra ventilation
  • Dri-FIT tech like most of Nike running tights and products
  • Move naturally with flexibility
  • Flat seams
  • Secure fit waist band

Number of positive reviews we could find: unknown

Women's Pro Cool Training

3. Men’s Power Speed Compression

Nike’s Dri-fit fabric is awesome and it is simply unbeatable when it comes to keeping the moisture away from the skin and offering the perfect muscle squeeze. Even if the price is a little bit high, these running tights will not leave you disappointed – ever!

Special features

  • High level of support because of the Compression
  • Dri-FIT helps you stay dry and happy
  • Vapor barrier on the back where the zipped pocket is
  • Low profile waist band provides a comfortable fit
  • Reflective details – high visibility in low light

Number of positive reviews we could find: none

Men's Power Speed Compression

4. Women’s Dri-Fit Elemental Thermal Run

A great pair of running tights by Nike that will keep you warm and dry now when it is winter, your running will be a lot more progressive and comfortable. Made out of ergonomic flat seams, these will not chaff or rub at all. Great choice for the cold winter days when you don’t want to give up your morning run routine. Check it out below.

Special features

  • dri-FIT technology keeps the moist away.
  • Awesome ventilation via the breathable material.

Number of positive reviews we could find: 0

Women's Dri-Fit Elemental Thermal Run

5. Women’s Pro Hyperwarm Limitless Waffle

Just as the name states, these are also very warm and comfortable leggings from Nike. Without holding any sweat at all, these leggings will retain the heat you need and get rid of the heat you do not need. With Dri-Fit and this awesome waffle design, these are a great choice for this winter!

Special features

  • stretchy waffle-knit fabric that holds heat in.
  • Dri-FIT fabric helps keep your leg dry and warm.
  • Seamlessly knit fabric is breathable.
  • Flat seams that compliment your skin shape
  • Back knee panels.

Number of positive reviews we could find: 0

Women's Pro Hyperwarm Limitless Waffle

6. Men’s Stay Warm Long Running

If you are the one struggling with cold, try Stay Warm Long Running. As the name implies, these tights were designed to warm you up even in the coldest runs and harsh conditions, these tights also offer a lovely hug for your body and skin that will keep the moisture away at all times. Could be the best Nike running tights on this list, worth checking out.

Special features

  • Warm feel and embrace. Even in harsh weather conditions.

Number of positive reviews we could find: Unknown

Men's Stay Warm Long Running

7. Women’s Pro Core Compression

Looking for that perfect body squeeze for so long? Try these women’s Pro Core Compression out, they are designed to give you the perfect muscle squeeze at all times and aside from that, they are super flexible which is a great plus if you plan on running. Not so great for winter though, they are on the thin side so won’t keep your legs super warm. But they will do a great job at any other time of the year.

Special features

  • dri-FIT fabric smacks away any sweat to keep your legs warm and toasty
  • Wide and flat waist that allows for great fit and flexibility but still firm.
  • Ergonomic flat seam construction
  • Spandex – gusset lining
  • 80% polyester/20% spandex

Number of positive reviews we could find: 57

Women's Pro Core Compression

8. Pro Core Combat 2.0 Compression

Are you in need of compression over warmth? The 2.0 Compression Nike tights offer exactly that, they will increase your blood flow and pass enough oxygen to the muscles to prevent injuries or even repair some of the damage previously done. These running tights are so high tech they should start their own startup and exit.

Special features

  • dri-FIT fabric will make sure to keep you dry and warm
  • Elastic drawcord waistband for adjustable fit.
  • The Nike pro fabric – best feature fabric
  • Spandex for freedom of movement and great feel
  • Polyester blend

Number of positive reviews we could find: 53

Pro Core Combat 2.0 Compression

9. Men’s Dri-Fit

Absorbing tons of moisture and keeps you warm, these dri-fit tights are great if you are looking for something simple that will do the job better than most, try these out and you won’t be sorry we promise. You can wear these running tights indoor and outdoor without worrying that you will get over heated inside or too cold while working out outside. The perfect combination.

Special features

  • You can wear these at any weather
  • High quality absorption fabric
  • Good compression in targeted zones.
  • Nike Dri-FIt technology like all products

Number of positive reviews we could find: 36

Men's Dri-Fit - best nike running tights

10. Women’s Legend 2.0 – awesome Nike running tights

These Nike tights are a cotton blend, which does not make them less of a ‘running tight’. If you are a short runner and you do not spend a lot of time running like marathon runners or long distance runners, these are a great pick for you because they move with your body and are perfect for people who want a great fit without sliding down. Awesome choice on this list.

Special features

  • Cotton blend – gives you an incredible feel
  • Dri-FIT technology like all Nike products
  • Imported

Number of positive reviews we could find: 43

Women's Legend 2.0 - awesome Nike running tights

Have you tried any of these best Nike running tights? What are your opinions?