Leggings And Heels. Should We Wear Yoga Pants And High Heels?

Many women seem to be asking the question about leggings and heels. Should we wear leggings or yoga pants with high heels? Does it look good? Does it look trashy? Let’s answer these questions shall we.

Some girls really like it, some say you should never leave home with this mix. What is the right answer here people? Well, we’re gonna try and answer this question today and hopefully settle this argument once and for all.

What’s the big deal about leggings and heels?

Well, as it turns out, this is a big dilemma for girls, because on one hand, wearing leggings is super comfortable and some designs look so good that you honestly don’t feel like you’re wearing a cheap outfit. But on the other hand, it’s still just leggings. You know, those sweat pants you wear to the gym or when you go for a run. So how is that relevant when you want to look your best and go out at night?

Well, it kinda does if you think about it. Leggings really compliment the body, if you have a fit body, or if you really feel comfortable with your look, wearing leggings will only amplify this feeling because most leggings sit really tight on the body so it gives your look a natural flow to it, I’m sure you ladies know what I mean.

And heels, every girl knows that wearing high heels makes your legs seem longer, which is sexy right? So why not combine the two and create the perfect outfit. Leggings for that tight fit look, and heels for making your legs look longer and sexier. You can’t really go wrong here.

How to choose the best leggings and heels combo?

Honestly, there isn’t really a straightforward answer to this question, because almost any leggings will do the trick here, as long as you feel comfortable with it, but if we have to decide, we will have to go with leggings that are longer and reach all the way down your ankle, also it would be wise to choose a fabric that is a little bit on the thicker side, so it gives your legs a little bit more muscle and tone.

When it comes to colors, it really depends on the whole outfit, but obviously, black leggings will pretty much work with anything. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a little bit. For the heels, we would say, if you’re gonna wear heels, wear them good. Don’t put the half inch shoes on, get a high heel in place and wear it proud. You want to make your legs seem longer so wearing high heels together with the leggings will give you this effect.

Fashion advice on how to wear heels with leggings:

Things to know before trying the yoga pants with high heels look

  • There a major differences between each leggings and yoga pants and any type of tight. So know the differences first. You don’t want to wear a pair of leggings that is so delicate that you can see through your pants and to your underwear, also wearing such a thin clothing item will be cold AF during the winter days, and it can also easily tear and leave you exposed.

This is why we mentioned earlier, go with the more heavy fabric types for a better look.

  • You also want to avoid these knee high leggings, it looks pretty stupid to wear leggings that reach your knee and high heels don’t you think? You either go all the way to the ankle, or just choose something else to wear ok?
  • Another thing to note is the band type. You don’t want to wear a low cut wrist band with your high heels because it just look trashy. When you workout, it makes sense, you want to give your body as much air as possible and wearing a low cut legging will give you this, but when you go out, the high cut will provide you more comfort, and it looks more serious, more going out wear than just plain working out wear. Think about it.

We hope this little article helped you out with your dilemma about leggings and heels or yoga pants with high heels and that you feel a little bit more comfortable now about wearing both together. When it comes to fashion the best advice we could give is to just make sure you wear what makes you feel comfortable and don’t give in to ridiculous trends or what this celebrity is wearing. Just do you, and you will be fine.

What’s your take on the topic? Would love to hear about your yoga pants heels combinations and what works for you, leave a comment below and share.