Rules For Wearing Leggings. Dos And Don’ts

If you’re like me, you love wearing comfortable clothes. Sure, going to work and around the office, you have to step it up and look great, but for the days when you can just lay back, comfort is key. This guide of the rules for wearing leggings will teach you everything you need to know about how to look great while rocking your fave legging.

Now, we know, there’s an ultimate battle between people who say leggings are not pants, and some who thinks they are most definitely are. I am more inclined to say they are, but that’s a whole other article right here, so let’s just stick to the topic of how to wear leggings in public and still look good ok?

Before we get into it, I just want to say that the best thing about fashion is that there are no rules. People and designers break the rules all the time and do and wear things that most consider a big no no, so don’t sweat it too much about the ” rules of wearing leggings ” it’s more of guidelines and opinions really, just wear what you like and makes you feel good.

But still, here are the guidelines to wearing leggings like a champ

How to wear leggings – DO: 

you should definitely wear leggings under a skirt and overall try and layer them nicely with your cloths. The trend of wearing tights or leggings under a dress or skirt will never die, and you can safely adopt it to your needs.

rules for wearing leggings - skirt with leggings

Rules of leggings style – DO: 

Combine a nice thin legging with a long blazer. This look is just stunning for the powerful girl and can work really well for both indoor and outdoor, just make sure you leave the blazer on otherwise you need to wear a long shirt underneath, no one wants to see your butt if you take the blazer off.

guide to wearing leggings - blazer on top

Tunic or long sweater is the best way to combine leggings with your look. Big DO:

Wear a long tunic or a nice thick sweater to cover your leggings under your butt line. This is a rule of wearing leggings you can not break people! Not even once.

DO: Try leather leggings

Yes, everyone should own at least one good high quality leather leggings. It’s a must piece in your closet. It doesn’t really matter of they are real or faux, the only guideline we have here is to make sure they are thick enough to look like leather pants and not like shiny tights.

Now that we have a good idea of what we CAN do with leggings, let’s look at some of the bad ideas.

faux leather leggings guide

Rules of wearing leggings – Don’t

The first don’t on the list is a big one. Do not, and we mean NOT, put on your spandex with a cropped top like you’re still living it up in the 90’s. That look had it’s time, and we are glad it’s over. It’s a new world out there, and you should get with the times.

90s style leggings not so trendy now

Second Don’t is a simply one. Don’t:

Don’t throw a T shirt on top of your leggings and just call it a day. Put some effort in it will you! This look will only work if you’re going to the gym or out for a quick run, any other situation and you just look bad.

rules for leggings wear - t shirt

Don’t take your blazer off:

If you decided to go with the blazer look, make sure you have a shirt under that is suitable for the case you want to take the blazer off. If it doesn’t cover your butt, just leave the blazer on and learn from your mistake. Next time put on a long sweater or tunic to cover what you don’t want people to see.

Don’t go overboard with color:

We all love colored leggings. But unless it’s Halloween or you are a model promoting a leggings brand, just stick to the basic colors ok? Black, gray and every other solid color should work just fine.

Here’s a short and cool video of helpful styling tips for wearing leggings:

These were your rules for wearing leggings, and we hope it helped you get a better handle on your fitness fashion looks.