17 Purple Leggings For People Who Live By The Color

For your purple leggings inspiration, we created this list of 17 cool legging designs that celebrate the deep and lively color. We will often feature on this site workout clothes and gym gear that is centred around one specific color. This time it’s purple.

Purple color meaning: 

Some belive that the color purple is sometimes associated with royal, nobility and power. If you want to present wealth, creativity and extravagance, purple could be a great choice for you. If you love to see leggings around certain colors, check out the post we published a while back about the best black leggings and stay tuned to more in the near future.

1. speed purple leggings 

purple leggings gym wear2. Purple workout gym pantsleggings in purple

3. Nice pattern 

4. Black leaves legging

5. Pixie leggings 

6. Pastel purple legging 

7. Fancy legging design 

8. Rainbow heart pattern 

9. Abstract pattern purple legging design 

10. Purple and blue legging design 

11. Nike purple and blue 

12. Gothic 

13. Purple royal leggings 

14. Geometric pattern 

15. Solid lavender 

16. Carbon 38 

17. Poshmark design 

purple leggings inspiration