How to Clean a Cork Yoga Mat? Methods and Tips

There are a bunch of beneficial factors of yoga, and I am sure everyone knows that. Let’s say you are very particular about the yoga sessions. 

That becomes the reason for your yoga mats to collect dirt and sweat. And you know what? Due to dirt and untidy sessions, all the health benefits that you were cultivating through yoga can be wasted at once. Moreover, none likes a smelly, dirty yoga mat, right?

They say cork yoga mats are self-cleaning objects. However, what does it take to give it a good rinse sometimes? Maybe a few minutes? 

In this article, we will show different ways of cleaning your cork yoga mat. Also, we will be focusing on how often you should clean your mat. 

Let’s keep our yoga mats neat and clean!

Cork Yoga Mat: What is it?

Cork yoga mats are being popular these days because of their properties. People have been choosing these over the rubber-made ones in recent years. 

Basically, cork yoga mats are made from natural materials (cork). That is to assert the fact that these are eco-friendly. Unlike rubber-made ones, you can dump them, and they degrade over time, creating no pollution or any complications. 

It has more or less similar properties to the rubber-made one. If you fall down during a hot yoga session, its softer surface will not let you get injured or hurt. 

However, due to excessive usage or prolonged usage, it might develop cracks. This is why it is better to change your cork yoga mats once every one or two years. 

They say that cork yoga mats do not catch oil, sweat, or dirt. But the reality is that is not always true. Your mat can be smelly due to rough sessions. And precisely that is the reason behind cleaning the stuff. 

How to Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

There are different techniques through which you can clean your yoga mat. Regular cleaning of the mat will help you to get a fresh session every time. 

That is a standard cleaning that I suggest you do after every session. However, some people just don’t feel like washing the mat afterward. So, after a while of using the mat, you should perform deep cleaning. 

We’ll guide you through both processes. Hold on!

Standard cleaning

Like we said before, a standard cleaning every single day after the yoga session will help you feel fresh and clean as you get a clean mat in every session. Also, it does not let the mat develop a lot of dirt. 

So, here’s how to perform a standard cleaning. 

You will need some cold water and a soft piece of cloth or tissue paper at your disposal. Remember, the fabric or the scrubbing item must be soft because any abrasive will tear your mat or can affect the mat’s tender surface. 

Why do we choose standard cleaning? One reason is, of course, keeping the rug clean. But another reason is to keep your mat intact as long as possible. 

Now, you need to make the washcloth or tissue wet and squeeze it out a little bit. There’s a possibility that cork might repel water. Hence, if you go on soaking the cleaning tool, it will create a mess. 

After preparing the washcloth, rub your mat down on both sides. Make gentle strokes but rub it down. Also, do not miss out on the sides of the mat. They tend to be missed out by people and tend to catch a lot of dirt. 

After the cleaning, leave it for air drying. It may take a while to become fully dry. After that, roll your cork mat so that you can prevent the wrinkles and store them. 

One small tip here is, do not roll your yoga mat unless it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will become smelly and disgusting. 

Deep cleaning

Now comes the deep cleaning. This one is needed when you feel your mat is super dirty. Once in a while, you might think that a simple standard cleaning with a washcloth is not enough; deep cleaning is necessary. 

How to Clean a Cork Yoga Mat

Now, for deep cleaning, you can apply a DIY method. You will need some essential items for preparing the DIY concoction. they are:

  • Spray bottle
  • Distilled water
  • Vinegar or witch hazel
  • Essential oil ( of your choice)

First, take the spray bottle and wash it thoroughly with clean running water. Make sure that the spray bottle is not containing dirt. 

Once you’ve done the washing part, it is time to move forward. Fill 3/4 portion of the spray bottle with distilled water. Make sure the water that you use is clean. Now, pour some vinegar or witch hazel into the spray bottle. Ensure you fill 1/4th portion of the spray bottle with that. 

For a mild fragrance, you can add five to ten drops of essential oil. There is not a particular essential oil that you should use. However, tea tree essential oil is one of the best options for concoction. 

Now, take the lid of the bottle and tighten it. Give the bottle a good shake so that each ingredient can mix well. And your DIY cleanser spray is ready. 

Now spray the mixture on your cork yoga mat. While covering the surface with the mixture, make sure you let the mixture sit for a minute on areas where you may see dark patches. These areas usually are where you place your palms, elbows, and knees. 

After waiting for a few minutes, you can start rinsing the mat. Dampen your washcloth or a sponge and rub that over your mat, especially on the dirty areas. You can keep a bucket nearby to rinse the mixture as you clean. 

After the whole cleaning process, make sure you hang the rug to dry. After it completely dries, roll it up and store it. 


So this is how to clean a cork yoga mat. Performing a standard cleaning every day is the best option. It lets your mat stay intact longer. Besides, it is a healthier option too. You get to use a clean and fresh mat in every session. 

Try maintaining a schedule. And in case you see your mat developing a lot of dark and dirty patches, follow the deep cleaning method, and you’ll be good to go. 

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