How to Fold Yoga Pants? Neat Tips

How to fold yoga pants? Every now and then, everyone gets a little itch to revamp their entire wardrobe and organize every spec of it. We all know how clothes get thrown away at the last minute or how a party demands you to constantly change till the right dress suits the mood.

A large portion of this reckless abandon in the wardrobe comprises a vast collection of yoga pants and leggings. Every two legs get tangled with the rest of the crowd, and well, the mess doubles up. Here are a few ways to fold them right and make space for the party dresses and office casuals!

Best methods to fold your yoga pants

How to fold yoga pants?

Some people don’t mind just tossing all their yoga pants into one drawer, while others like to arrange them as neatly as possible. Let’s go ahead and find the best method to fit your organizational preferences.

#1 Tuck in method

  • Fold your yoga pants directly down in the middle so that both legs are together.
  • Lay your yoga pants onto a plain surface.
  • Fold the crotch of the pants to avoid any curve in the new angle formed.
  • Bring the bottom of the legs up till the waistband.
  • Fold up the knees in the same direction.
  • Now open the waistband with your fingers and push the folded legs inside.

This method ensures that the yoga pants remain stiff and in shape. They won’t fall off when you randomly open your cupboard. This way, it is easier to place them one above the other. The best part is, you can rummage through your closet to find yoga pants without having to fold them again.

#2 Rectangle method

This method of folding is most common. It is used to fold every other cloth. This traditional method of folding is very easy but space-consuming.

  • Fold the yoga pants in half, placing one leg on top of the other. Make sure they are evenly placed one on another.
  • Fold the legs in half lengthwise and bring the legs to the waistband. It has to form a long rectangle.
  • Once there are no creases, hold it again in half.
  • If you like, you can still hold once more as per your needs. Maintain the rectangle shape.

#3 Rolled out method

  • Fold the yoga pants in half, placing one leg on top of the other. Make sure they are even.
  • Now from the ankle end, start rolling without any hindrances.
  • Tug the end into the waistband or you can simply roll it to fit into your closet.

What method should you choose?


The most common folding method is simply folding the yoga pants in neat little squares like every other piece of clothing. You just stack them one over another in drawers or line them in hangers. 

Searching through your beautifully stacked yoga pants to find the exact bottoms you need for that day is easier on the first day after stacking. But what happens after three days? It goes back to a massive pile of mess. What happens then? To answer that, let’s first understand the type of yoga pants you have and your storage places.

Storage spaces

  • Small spaces

If you live in a compact home with little architecture or just open drawers, it’s better to opt for the tuck-in method. Doing this will help you easily fit yoga pants into small spaces. The pants stay in one position without rolling out.

If you are traveling, all your pants can be folded in the tuck-in method. They can easily be fitted into a suitcase without changing forms on the road. If you fold them in a rectangle or rolled out manner, there are high chances they may fall out of shape and create a mess during the journey. While with the tuck-in method, you will just have to restack them back.

  • Decorative space

If you decide to redecorate your closet and make your wardrobe extra spacious, you will have various options to stack your yoga pants. If you have square openings, opt for a simple rectangle method to fold your yoga pants. For rhombus-shaped cupboards, you can go for the tuck-in method.

While rolled pants will do perfectly inside a drawer, you can be super creative with folding your yoga pants if you have large spaces. There are lesser chances of falling out or creating a mess in a large cupboard. But if you are a last-minute dresser, opt for the tuck-in method so you can restack them faster.

  • Busy bees

Well, it does not matter how big your closet is if you don’t have time to organize and stack your yoga pants. Even though both rectangle and tuck-in methods are effective, the rolled out method is the quickest and easiest way to go. Open spaces are more likely to put them out of shape, so it’s better to stack them inside a drawer.

In the case of cloth bins or baskets, rolled yoga pants are easier to stack and stuff back. This is the perfect method for workaholics and people who hate folding their clothes.

Types of yoga pants

How to fold yoga pants?

Yoga is a brilliant form of exercising to remain stress-free and healthy. And for this perfect form of releasing stress, you will need the right yoga apparel. It is essential to find the best attire for yoga as it involves both light and exhausting exercises. It should not restrict any movement and should be super flexible. The key clothing element of yoga is the yoga pants. There are several types of yoga pants for both men and women and it is essential to know your yoga pants to store and fold them better. Let’s check out a few of them. 

  • Basic yoga leggings

Basic leggings are the most common type of yoga pants available. They are made of polyester and cotton. They are stretchable with a body-hugging fit. Usually, they come in solid colors but high-end brands also offer them in various prints and patterns.

  • High-waist yoga leggings

High-waist yoga leggings are in vogue these days. They are often paired with sports bras. They have almost the same properties as yoga leggings but with higher stretchability. Some of them come with pockets and make for perfect athletic leggings. They are worn for both yoga and casual attire. These leggings can be made from various materials. They offer higher comfort and let you go around in them the entire day.

  • Yoga leggings with pockets

Be it women or men, pockets are essential for everyone. Even though yoga instructors tell you to prefer pants without pockets and tight ribs, it is always good to have yoga pants with pockets to carry your essentials. They can be worn outside of your yoga sessions too.

  • Flare yoga pants

Yoga pants don’t always have to be tight and shape fitting. Sometimes, healthier people can opt for flare yoga pants for more space. These are not advised for slim people as they might keep falling off. These pants are super comfortable and have high breathability. They are usually tighter at the waistband and fall loosely towards the end.

  • Lightweight yoga pants

Yoga pants are designed to be more flexible and comfortable. Some of them are thicker and tighter, which can restrict movement. For those who like flexible yoga pants, go for lightweight yoga pants. They are either made of cotton or synthetic material, designed to be light and comfortable. They are also used for gymnastics.

  • Yoga shorts

Just like how yoga pants are not always body-hugging, they don’t have to be long either. For the ones who love to exercise in shorts, go for yoga shorts. They are super flexible and can help you exercise with no hindrances. They come in both tight-fit and loose-fit. They are made of cotton, making them super soft and comfortable.

  • Yoga capris

Yoga capris are very similar to yoga leggings, but neither are they short nor long. These pants are form-fitting and come with high waist options. These pants make a great addition to your yoga wardrobe. They have the same properties, but capris come in various patterns and designs making your wardrobe colorful.

  • Cotton yoga pants

Cotton yoga pants are pretty common, but pure cotton yoga pants are quite rare. They are super soft with high breathability. They are not highly flexible like polyester-cotton mix but do fine for regular mediation exercises. They also look perfect as casual wear.

  • Fold-over yoga pants

Fold-over yoga pants are multifunctional. They can be worn as both high-waist yoga pants and regular pants. You can simply fold the waistband and head out for the day. They make for perfect casual wear too.

  • Mesh yoga pants

Mesh is one fabric that is super popular among teens and fashionable youth. Being super popular, it is no surprise that many people want mesh in their yoga pants too. Usually, the mesh is made of synthetic material. Since it is crossed over and meshed, it has higher flexibility and breathability. They come in the see-through fabric in yoga pants like panels or patterns. They are super stylish and add glamour to your yoga wardrobe.

  • Harem yoga pants

Harem pants are great yoga pants as they are made of breathable fabric and have a lot of room. You can easily move in them and exercise comfortably. They are wide and layered near the thighs and have a jogger finish near the ankles. They can be worn on a daily basis to work out.

  • Drawstring yoga pants

Drawstring yoga pants are very similar to the traditional track pants that you wear. They are tight-fit and come with flair. The drawstring in the waistband helps you adjust the fit according to your waist size. They are super comfortable for yoga.

Properties of yoga pants


Yoga pants are used to do extensive exercises. They are made of cotton, polyester blend, and hosiery. These fabric materials are weaved in a breathable manner. Having breathable material allows your sweat to dry quickly. It also allows a good flow of blood in the body that keeps you going the extra mile.


Yoga pants are super flexible and stretchable. Gymnasts wear yoga pants to exercise; so you can imagine the flexibility they offer. Lightweight yoga pants have the highest flexibility and stretchability.

How to fold yoga pants when you travel?

How to fold yoga pants?

If you have an extensive collection of yoga pants to pack for a trip, it might be troublesome later when you open your suitcase. The legs of these pants usually get tangled, leading to a mess. Learning how to pack hosiery and cotton yoga pants or leggings can help you avoid your clothes getting ripped, pulled, or laddered during packing.

It will also prevent sagging and stretching of the material. Well, let’s not forget the added benefit of keeping them organized and easily accessible. Here are a few tips to pack them right.

Roll them

The best way to pack your tights is to roll them. You can store them under other clothes without any hassle. If you feel it’s space-consuming, you can roll two yoga pants together and pack them accordingly. You can either roll them from the ankles after folding in half or after folding again at the knees. But if you want to roll two together, opt for rolling from the ankles. You can then tug the pants at the waistband to keep them in shape. 

Many people pack the same kind together. For example, all the solid colors are rolled out together, while the patterned or printed ones make another bundle. This makes it easier to differentiate and organize when you are on trips. 

Put them in separate bags

Clothing bags are perfect for keeping your yoga pants separate from other clothes. Expensive ones like mesh yoga pants or lightweight pants require special attention. They are delicate and soft, making them easy victims of getting ripped or torn. So it’s always a good idea to pack them in separate clothing bags.

You can simply roll the yoga pants and pack them into clothing bags. You can also fold them in a rectangle shape and stack them inside the bag. It is easier to put such clothing bags at the bottom of the suitcase. Pack your yoga pants precisely based on your needs. You can use different bags to separate your workout pants from your casual pants to avoid confusion.

DOs to store your yoga pants

  1. Always handle your cotton yoga pants with care and caution. Make sure your nails do not get caught in the hosiery. It can create unnecessary pulls and might rip the fabric.
  2. Wash color bleeding yoga pants separately from other yoga pants. Make sure you wash mesh yoga pants individually. Synthetic yoga pants do not require much attention.
  3. Iron cotton yoga pants that are thicker after every wash. They form creases easily. Dry them in the shade.
  4. Pack your mesh and lightweight yoga pants in separate clothing bags. They can easily get ripped if mixed with other clothing. At home, it is better to keep them in a separate cupboard.

DON’Ts to store your yoga pants

  1. Don’t wash your yoga pants on a daily basis. Don’t dry them in the blazing sun. There are chances they might get stretched and lose their elasticity.
  2. Don’t pack your yoga pants with rough fabrics like lace, bras, or belts. They can easily get entangled with the hosiery and get torn.


Yoga pants are an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe. They are used for exercising and also worn as casual wear and at times even to work.

There are different types of yoga pants that are used for multiple purposes. They vary in sizes, colors, and styles. It is essential to understand that wrong folding and storage can spoil the texture and elasticity of the pants.

So, it’s better to pack and store them with care and caution. The hosiery can easily be rolled, tucked in, or simply folded in the traditional manner.

Understand where you want to store them before you fold them. Now that we know all about folding yoga pants, let’s organize our cupboard already!

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