What Color Tights to Wear with Navy Dress? Fashion Tips

What is the best way to style your piece of clothing in a cold region? Well, if you are wearing a skirt or a dress by any chance, it is undoubtedly tights that can enhance your look. The sheer or semi-sheer stockings with impressive heels and a well-toned dress can slay the evening, nay? However, the problem arises when it comes to color selection. Tights are undoubtedly one of the best additions to a woman’s wardrobe, but styling them can be quite tricky. This post will give you some tips on what color tights to wear with a navy dress.

Different dresses require different color combinations. You can not wear your favorite piece every single time. Your favorite navy blue dress can not always match your favorite tights. 

Hey, are you in a dilemma about color selection? 

Worry not when we are here. In this article, we will know about the color combinations of tights with which navy dresses match the best. 

On a general note, you can pair up your navy dress with black, navy, red/burgundy, or white tights. But don’t go already. There’s more to it. 

Hold tight and keep scrolling. 

Tights: A brief history

Tights are a kind of clothing that covers the legs from foot to waistline. These, when made of fine silk, are considered to be stockings. And when nylon fibers took the market hype, these were eventually called nylons. If both the legs are woven and tied together with a panty at the top, it is called pantyhose

All of these came from a similar thing only. With time when fashion and style evolved and came into its full bloom, multiple varieties flocked together. 

But let’s talk about that later. First, let us know the brief history of tights. 

Tights originated from the hose worn by Europeans. For your information, this was the story of some centuries ago. These were made for horse riding. For the upper-class nobility, the tights were made from fine silk, whereas the lower class people used to wear tights made from any other type of fabric, not so smooth like silk. What a well-designed social arrangement, no?

In the reigning era of king Henry VIII of England, the tights were practically worn to show men’s well-toned legs. As a matter of fact, the king himself used to wear extra padding for a better look. 

Both in modern times and in history, they are worn by men. However, there is more to the wearing part. Generally, men have been pointed at wearing a codpiece near their groin to give a proper look to the abdominal region. Specifically speaking, this was one to chase two different purposes. 

Firstly, the extra piece worn by men gave the genitalia a proper shape, which was also a hint of virility. 

 Secondly, the full stretched tights can create and reveal the exact outlines and contours of male genitalia and buttocks. Hence the extra piece of clothing prevents any unwanted crumbles and folds. 

Even today, we might also see the male ballet dancers wearing tights and different parts to avoid any unwanted folds on stage!

 With time, the utility of tights spread. People from a broad spectrum started using these, and eventually, they are every women’s staple fashion item for sure. 

Types Of Tights

Dark tights, yellow tights, polka spots tights, the rundown continues forever with regards to the different sorts of styles that exist. 

But hello, who’s whining? 

While the various choices can be befuddling, it simply goes to show there truly is a couple of tights for all preferences and events. 

To ensure you pick the right pair for your next piece of clothing or to impeccably commend your new small cowhide skirt, here is the list of the main sorts of tights styles! 

Here, I’m separating every one of these kinds so you can shop certainly and without any problem.

  • Control top tights

Control top tights are the ones that can flatten and m=smoothen your tummy and buttock area a little bit. These are comfortable enough if picked in the right size. If you take up the right size, you’ll never even know that the piece is there. These can hold everything in the proper place. And with this, you may flaunt your curves properly. These can be paired with some form-fitting dresses or skin-fit skirts to give your lower body a stunning shape and look. 

  • Support tights

Support tights give all-around solace to your legs. They can assist with further developing flow, forestall expanding and diminish tired muscles so that, toward the end of your day, your legs will feel lighter than they may have in any case. Accessible in various looks, these leggings can be an everyday closet hero that keeps you agreeable while adding interest to your outfits. 

  • Seamless tights

Seamless tights are what to wear when you want them to blur out of the spotlight and let the remainder of your outfit become the overwhelming focus. These positions of safety leggings are woven in a unique process that makes the creases imperceptible. They’re likewise agreeable to wear since there’s no crease to rub against or bother your skin.

  • Sheer tights

These tights are meant to give your legs a flaunting look. These actually blend with the skin tone and make your legs smoother than ever. These are generally patternless. But if you want to spice up your looks, you may pick up polka dots, patterned pairs also. These can make your look more sensual and can make you the star of the evening.

  • Colored tights

The colored tights are nothing much different when it comes to structuring. It’s just that the color and tone of the tights are quite different. Some people might find it quite tricky to match it with dresses. Don’t be afraid to pair it up with your favorite piece of clothing. 

  • Over the knee

As a smash hit, our over-the-knee tights need their very own class! Hazy until the thigh and sheer the rest of the way up, these emulate a high-sock without every one of the additional layers—they’re fun and way in vogue to finish every one of your looks.

  • Back seam tights

These ones are my personal favorites. They are not much different from the sheer tights. They are semi-transparent and can spice up your look. Now, what’s more, is the back length line of the stockings. The single backline is often decorated with smaller designs and smaller patterns. Hence, it can make your dress look stunning in and out!

  • Fishnet tights

These ones are among the most popular ones. They are trendy, classic, and sensual. The tights reach up to the inner thighs starting from the feet. The pattern of these tights is quite like a fishnet. However, these should be paired with something that can give your lower body full coverage. For example, midi skirts or dresses might go well with these. 

What color tights to wear with navy dress?

Tights have been a constant staple of women’s fashion since long ago. They have been adding and spicing up the presentation a little bit. And sometimes people wear them only to have that warmth. It is sometimes hard to find a perfect match for some color when speaking of a matching pair.

For example, navy blue dresses can really trick you when it comes to tights or stockings. And also, with a plethora of products of different styles and colors, one might end up being confused. 

Hey, are you one of them?

Well, well, do not worry. We are here to solve your issue. Here we will be discussing the perfect pair of tights and colors to match your navy dress. Just hold tight!

  • Black tights

This one is a common option for every woman out there. Why so?

Because black tights or back stockings can match with anything and everything, similarly, these may go well with your navy dress as well. Trust me; black looks stunning and gorgeous with every single color. Now, if we are to speak about the pattern and styles, well, you may pick semi-transparent ones. They look classy, elegant yet sensual. 

However, a little spice-up can be done with polka-dotted or patterned ones. 

  • Gray tights

Another color that might go great with navy dresses is the ash color or grey shades. This color is a classic color that can be worn with denim shorts and denim skirts as well. And the faded blue or dark blue color can bloom to its best level while pairing with a light stocking. Hence gray might work really well. 

However, most of the gray stockings are not transparent. Most of the gray stockings do not come transparent or semi-sheer. They are the full coverage options. Hence, if you want a little flaunting, then the woven gray ones are not for you. 

  • Navy tights

A sigma rule while choosing tights is that a self-color tight might match your dress really well. Similarly, a navy dress might look gorgeous with a navy tight. Make sure you match the shade exactly with the dress, and do not make it weird by choosing a lighter or darker tone. 

A little flaunting can be done with the sheer options. This gives you a smooth and fine look and can make the legs super sensual. Pair them with classic heels and you are ready to slay!

  • White tights
What color tights to wear with a navy dress?


White, grayish, or cream with navy blue color has consistently been an ideal mix. Dark cream tights or transparent white with an unpretentious example would look extraordinary with a darker shade dress such as black or navy blue. A couple of tan brown colored knee-high boots will hold this outfit in a proper place.

On the off chance that you’d rather not go hazy with your legwear, a blue or navy dress can likewise effectively be matched with exemplary transparent sheers or dark sheers. There are numerous choices with regard to matching dresses with warm and agreeable legwear.

Final thoughts

Navy color is undoubtedly one of the most preferred colors when it comes to looking classy or elegant. And with elegance, if a punch of sensual appearance is tied, well, the result is going to be the best. 

And when we speak of sensual looks, what can be a better option than the tights or stockings? A patterned or semi-sheer stocking can boost your appearance to its best level.

However, this color can be a little tricky to pair with. Hence we have [provided you with a full-length list of color options and pattern options to choose from. 

At the end, it’s your taste which you should listen when it comes to what color tights to wear with a navy dress. Just make sure you wear them comfortably and carry them confidently. 

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