How To Keep Leggings From Rolling Down. Quick And Easy Tips

Have you ever asked yourself how to keep leggings from rolling down from my waist?! Sure you did. It happens all the time. Many people have experienced this happening to them when they work out or even just going on a light jog. It’s a very annoying event that you need to pull your pants back up every five minutes, and it can totally mess up your workout.

So how do you keep your tights from falling down?

When we researched this topic we were surprised at the amount of people who didn’t really know the simple hacks you can use to stick those leggings up where they belong and stop them from falling down all the time. But the truth is, it happens so often to so many, no one really took the time to search it up and get the answer, so here it is.

The best way to keep your tights from falling down is to wear a pair of knickers, or as we call them panties, then put on your tights and then put on another pair of panties. BOOM problem solved.

how to keep leggings from rolling down 1image via: lovemaegan

You want to put on a panty that has good elastic hold, also if it’s high waisted, the better, will give you that extra support you need to feel comfortable.

You might feel stupid wearing two panties but once you walk around all day without worrying or lifting your tights all the day, you will thank us and make it a habit.

OK, so we covered how to keep my tights from falling, but what about leggings? Can we learn a hack to keep leggings from falling down all the time?

How to keep leggings from rolling down

So before we show you a few simple hacks to keep your leggings up, let’s understand first why do leggings fall down in the first place. There can be a variety of reasons for your pants to fall off your waist, and below we will try and list just the most popular ones, so obviously there will be more, but the examples below are good enough.

why do my pants roll down at the waist

This roll-down event can happen even if you feel like the pants or leggings are a perfect fit, usually, this happens when you don’t have a good fit in the tummy area.

So leggings can fall down for many reasons, here are a few most common reasons:

  1. If you wore your leggings many many times and really stretched them out, a lot of times the spandex material that is common in most leggings will wear out and not recover after it has been stretched many times.
  2. If you happen to have wide thighs or hips you may not be able to properly put on a pair of leggings and will have to be forced to size up, which will obviously cause the leggings to be bigger at your waist, and not hold steady. Even if it’s high waisted leggings sometime they won’t hold.
  3. If you washed your leggings the wrong way, you can kiss them goodbye for sure. That’s a whole other article by itself though.
  4. Your bum shrink – Yes, don’t laugh, this can actually happen, especially with people who work out a lot. With time, your bum muscles can cause the whole area to get fit, or tight, and so leggings that used to fit nicely, now roll down.
  5. Wrong cut – If you get a low rise pants, you are basically tempting fate, why? Because they are already pretty low on your waist, so it doesn’t take much to get them to roll down all the way.

These were the main reasons, but sometimes, if you have a hourglass shaped body, the low to medium type of leggings will usually fall down from your waist all the time, regardless of what you do, the solution? Wear high waisted leggings. These will give you more support and potentially stop your leggings from sliding down.

Here are the top tips to make sure your leggings stay up there and won’t slide down:

  • Change size – If your pants or leggings keeps rolling down, it just might be a size issue. Try a smaller size and see if it fits better.
  • Like mentioned above. Try wearing high waisted leggings to give you more support in the waist line. Keeping the pants nice and tight above your waist.
  • Wear brushed fabrics – Some leggings are made from smooth fabrics while others might be brushed. The brushed fabric will have more friction with your skin and it will naturally stay on longer.
  • Compression fabrics might be your best choice. These fabrics are made for high performance and are very durable. They are meant to stand against hard action and grip your skin the best that they can. They might cost a little bit more, but if they feel snugged and good, it’s worth it.
  • Some leggings come with an elastic band inside the waist line. It’s a built in feature. If you search specifically for these type of leggings, it might just do the trick for you.
  • Buy leggings with top seams. That little seam can make all the difference if you have a problem with rolling down leggings. It will give you better support without sacrificing looks.
  • Drawstrings – Yes, belive it or not, some leggings come with drawstring that you can just tie together to give you more support. If you like how it looks, it could be the best option.
  • One word that will change everything. Onesie – wearing a onsie will not only make sure your leggings won’t roll down, but it will keep everything else in place and looking tight and sharp. Thank us later.
  • Try wearing a belt – Personally, I don’t think belts are a good look with leggings. but obviously they will help with keeping it up there.
  • Follow manufacture wash instructions. Clothes wear and tear naturally. But by following the washer instructions you can prolong your leggings life and keep it tight longer.
  • We mentioned this before. Wear panties above the leggings. It might look funny like superman. But it does the trick perfectly.