10 Super Stylish Leggings and Workout Pants With Pockets

When doing a workout, especially in the gym – it is super useful to have pockets on your workout pants/leggings. Why? Simply because there is a big possibility you will forget some of your things such as keys, ID or anything important that you have.

Many people pick to take a bag with them and store their things in meanwhile doing a workout, if you are one of the people who just likes to take a few things, yoga pants with pockets will be very useful. We bring you 10 very stylish leggings and workout pants with pockets to help you with your workout routines.

Why people love working out with pants that has pockets?

Well, there are a few obvious reasons why people love wearing workout pants with pockets. First, we need a place to put our stuff right? Everyone carries their iPhone or other phone with them everywhere they go, so you need a place to put it while you workout and listen to your tunes. Some people just place it next to them when they work out, but I love to put it in my pocket, if I have one. So getting a yoga pants or leggings with pockets makes sense.

Will these pants annoy me while I work out?

Like any other pants, when you place stuff in your pockets, it could make you feel them while you run, or workout. So please be aware of it and try to avoid placing too much things in your pants while you work out.

1. Karen Kane Active Crop Pant (XS-XL)

Not only these look awesome and colorful, they actually feature a zip lock pocket in the back so you can easily take your keys with you and no longer worry about the possibility to forget. This is a great pair that features mesh paneling around the calves to keep you cool too.

Image result for Karen Kane Active Crop Pant (XS-XL)

2. Neonysweets Yoga Capri Tights (S-XL)

Not everyone likes prints and that is completely understandable. This is a pair of two-toned leggings and it features a huge pocket that can fit an iPhone case.

3. Nanette Lepore Smoothe Wide Waistband Legging (XS-XL)

Looking for a gorgeous pair of leggings that have a pocket and a high waistband? Try these out, they are truly beautiful and the pocket is just the perfect size for your ID and your keys.

4. Sports Mesh Workout Pants (S-XL)

You are in need of a pair that is moisture wicking, anti-microbial, super soft with a pocket? These would be a great choice, they are comfortable and they feature a pocket that can fit even your entire phone.

5. Champion 6.2 Vapor Performance Leggings (S-XL)

You might be a real illusion once you wear these, they look awesome and they feature not more or less than three pockets, which is great because you will no longer need that boring bag anymore.

6. Contrast Dance Curvy Joggers (1XL-4XL)

If you like to  keep things casual and less tight, these dance curvy joggers might become your favorite in no time! Featuring pockets at the side of all essentials, these are a great pick for a gym.

7. Champion Marathon Performance Leggings (XS-XL)

These leggings feature reflective details for visibility, which is very important if you’re an evening jogger. They also feature a pocket with a zip for your ID and keys.

8. YogaReflex Pants (XS-XXL)

If you are in need of good breathable pants that are comfortable, you just found the perfect pair for you! These come in 17 different patterns and they feature a pocket that can fit an iPhone too!

9. Skechers Active Reflective Leggings (S-L)

Looking for a thick pair to keep you warm in this crazy cold weather? These leggings are thick and made of moisture-wicking fabric, there is also a zip pocket on the back so you can store your items with no worry.

10. RBX Active Seasonal Printed Capris (S-XL)

Need a ventilated pair for your workout routine? X-Dri moisture-wicking fabric of these will keep you comfortable at all times. The interior pocket is also a great thing, you can store your keys inside and enjoy your workout!

Which pair do you like the most? How important pockets are to you?