How to Pronounce Lululemon The Right Way

how to pronounce lululemon

The right way to pronounce Lululemon is like this:

loo-loo lemon

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How to pronounce Lululemon – Where did we get our info

After doing some research on the subject, we found various forum threads and a few very credible sources that indicated that the right way to pronounce Lululemon is like this: Loo-Loo Lemon.

The most interesting source that we found was a Reddit thread TIL ( Today I Learned ) where a user posted an incredible story about the company founder and why he chose this name specifically.

how to pronounce lululemon

The story behind Lululemon name

According to its founder Chip Wilson during an interview in 2004 for National Post Business Magazine, he chose the name because it has three L in it.

how to pronounce lululemon

via Postmedia/Lyle Stafford

The back story or this decision is weird, but true. The first company that Chip sold was a skateboard brand called Homeless. The Japanese liked it because it has an L in the name ( at least that’s what Chip believes ). Japanese people have a hard time pronouncing the letter L or words with L because it’s not in their vocabulary.

So Chip thought, the next time I have a company, I am going to name it with three L’s and maybe get three times the money.

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