How to Wear a Carly With Leggings. Quick and Simple Guide

how to wear a carly with leggings

Have you ever really wondered how to wear a Carly with leggings? Sure you did. Anyone who owns a Carly surly had this thought going through his head because it’s a very popular thing to do. While it may seem like a silly question to ask, you be surprised as to how many people wonder just that, in this guide we will take you through anything you need to know.

So how to wear a Carly with leggings and look good?

When we started researching the topic, we figured we need to start at the beginning, too many people don’t even know what a Carly is, so let’s start here.

What is a Carly?

A Carly is a type of summer swing dress that is meant to flatter your feminine physique. It usually have a patched pocket and a flattering high-low hemline. The sleeves are open and let you stay cool. You can get it in many types of fabrics, and colors or patterns. Many girls own these especially in warmer areas where this is a great solution for a nice dress that won’t get you too hot.

The best way to wear a Carly with leggings is to wear a pair of black leggings, and a jacket on top. You can put on boots or even your favorite Converse shoes and that look is fire girl!

Why black leggings? Well, because usually the Carly dress is colorful, and you don’t want to take away from that by wearing a colorful leggings under it. So wearing a black leggings allows the focus to stay on the Carly dress, but still give you that sporty look you want to get.

Top that with a cool army jacket or even a jeans jacket and you’re golden. The jacket adds a layer of style and brings the entire outfit a step further to become a little bit more sophisticated. Wear your leather black boots if you’re going out, and your Converse sneakers if you’re just meeting friends. The look is complete. Check out the below images to see how it looks

5 different styles to wear a Carly dress with leggings

We know there is more than one way to wear anything. So let’s not just get tied down to one style. Below are 5 styles you can use to rock your Carly dress with your leggings and look good doing it:

  1. The first is what we already talked about. Wear a black leggings, a colorful Carly dress and a jacket above it. You can also wear black boots or your favorite Converse sneakers depending on where you are going.
  2. The second way to wear a Carly with leggings is to tie a knot at your waist so that the Carly dress essentially becomes a shirt, and you obviously wear leggings with any shoes you want.
  3. Just wear the dress girl! You don’t need nothing special, wear the dress, and wear leggings below, no one cares and it still looks good.
  4. Tie a knot at the front of your dress ( just above your crotch ). This makes it look like a shirt, but with a twist, and putting a black leggings below and some high boots will complete this look.
  5. For the brave, wear a short leggings and let your Carly dress let loose, this is for hot summer days, and some girls might not like it, but it’s a look we saw and we think it can work

Here’s a video showing a quick and easy way to style your Carly with leggings

So that’s it for this post about how to wear a Carly with leggings. As always, if you have anything to add, please let us know and we will gladly update this post with the relevant information. Make sure to also check out some of our other guides like this one on how to wear leggings in the summer  or how to wear leather leggings