How To Wear Leggings In The Summer When It’s Ridiculously Hot

how to wear leggings in the summer

In these hot days, anyone who loves wearing fitness apparel tried to figure out how to wear leggings in the summer or when it’s ridiculously hot. YES, even you girl, don’t deny it. In those really hot days, the last thing you want is the feeling of your yoga pants sticking to your legs from sweat. It’s not only uncomfortable, but it can actually smell bad and hurt your skin a little bit. We don’t want any of that!

So how do you wear leggings in the summer anyway?!

So we decided to do our own little research and figure out the answer to this question, we looked at many sources and read lots of articles and we think we found the solution to wearing tights in the summer. Now granted every person is different, and while some of these solutions or more like suggestions will be great for one, they might not be a good fit for everyone. So take it as it is, just an advice.

The best way to wear your leggings in the summer is to actually make sure you purchase the right kind of leggings in the first place. YUP, so think for a second before you spend, so you won’t be sorry after.

how to wear leggings in the summerimage via: garudainternational

So our best advice is to look for leggings that are made from 100% cotton, or at least ones that are made from breathable materials. You don’t want your pants to overheat right? Just listen to us please.

From our experience, a good fabric is either cotton, a mix of cotton and lycra blend or even bamboo. You want to keep an eye on leggings with stripes or even bands. These are great for style but they also help with the breathing part as the seams usually get some air inside.

This was like the basic tip on how to wear tights or leggings in the summer. But what about more advanced stuff? We want to go a little bit deeper to stop these sweaty leggings legs right?!

How to wear leggings in the summer

Before we go deeper on how to wear leggings when it’s hot, let’s understand the basics of why leggings in the summer heat can be a bad combination.

So wearing leggings in the summer can be a bad idea because:

  1. If your leggings fabric is NOT a breathable kind. This can cause your legs to get hot, and get sweaty, which is bad.
  2. If your leggings are too long. Yes, there are different sizes and lengths to leggings, don’t wear a long one when it’s boiling hot.
  3. It will get smelly. When you sweat, it usually means that bad odder will come with it. And we don’t want that.

Now obviously there might be more reasons that your leggings are not great for hot summer days. But we can’t name them all man, just give us a break ok? Below are some of the basics and more deep solutions to the weather issue with leggings

Here are the top tips and advice to wearing leggings during the summer heat:

  • Like we already mentioned. Buy leggings that’s made from cotton or other breathable material.
  • Wear leggings that go down to your calfs, and not to your ankles. You be amazed how much this little difference makes you feel cooler.
  • Try on the walk around with the leggings you wish to buy a little bit before you commit. Sometimes leggings just feel off on your body and you want to see how it feels before hand.
  • Avoid printed leggings. They might look cool, but that extra layer of print will make them much more hotter if its really hot outside.
  • If we put fashionable advice aside for a second, wearing light colors will make you feel less hot. Just like dark tops tend to get hotter, so does leggings. So this might be the perfect chance to try the white legging you always wanted.
  • If yo go for high waisted leggings, you can for sure wear a high top tank and feel the breeze on your belly.
  • Buy the right type of leggings. Yoga leggings are usually much more thicker than ones you use for running, so wear the right type when it’s hot out.