How To Wear Leather Leggings And Look Amazing Doing It

how to wear leather leggings

Leather leggings are an amazing way for you to stay comfortable and look good. They are flexible, soft and warm. If you’re asking yourself how to wear leather leggings just know you can wear them for almost any occasion while looking extremely chic and fashionable.

Leather leggings will also help keep you warm during the winter because they offer more warmth than the standard cotton leggings. Some of the best ways to wear them are detailed below.

How to wear leather leggings – The Casual Look

Leather leggings are ideal for anything casual such as having coffee with your friends or going to the movies on a date. One of the best combinations for winter is an oversized sweater with leather leggings and fur-lined half-boots.

PRO TIP – Add a pair of silver or gold hoop earrings and a few bangle bracelets for sophisticated casual.

The Classic Sweater

Combine leather leggings with a tunic length sweater and high heels and you are ready to hit the town. Heels with a closed toe will really set off your outfit.

You can choose any color you like but leggings look sensational with nude-colored shoes. This will really show off your ankles beneath the hem of your leggings.

The Perfect Top with Leggings

There are a lot of sensational tops you can wear with your leather leggings. This includes:

• Fitted sweater
• Slouchy sweater
• Tunic button-downs
• Lace shirt
• Tunic fitted sweater
• Tunic blouse
• Sweater dress
• Long chambray top
• White tee with a rounded hem

Sensational Shoes

The best shoes to wear with faux leather leggings for a chic look include:

• White lace-up sneakers
• Black, gray or neutral running sneakers
• Snow boots
• Over the knee boots
• Slip-on sneakers
• Ankle boots
• Riding boots
• Black or nude pumps with a pointy toe

The Killer Jackets

To complete your outfit, wear your leather leggings with any of the following jackets.

• Denim jacket
• Long cardigan
• Poncho
• Long sweatshirt
• Denim vest
• Hoodie

The Sophisticated Look

You can wear your faux leather leggings to the office by complimenting them with a classic blazer over a soft blouse. Your blazer provides the traditional business look while the leather will make you appear fashionable and edgy. Complete the look with a pair of pumps to match your blazer.

For a little extra flair, wear a brightly colored pin on your lapel. This will add a pop of color to your business attire.

The Importance of Balance

Your leggings can be professional, sophisticated or relaxed as long as your balance your look. Something soft in a pale color will balance out the edginess of the leather. Try wearing your leggings with a pink cardigan or t-shirt for a softer look.

For a more modern appearance, wear your leggings with fresh, bright colors. Mixing up the textures of your outfit will add softness. An oversized, knit cardigan will keep you warm and comfortable while remaining trendy and cute.

The Sweater Dress

Nothing sets off leather leggings like a sweater dress with a long, elaborate necklace. Add a pair of winter boots and you are ready for the cold weather.

The necklace will add a new life to your sweater dress. For the best look choose a necklace with a longer length.

More Than Basic Black

Wearing black leather leggings with a long black sweater or top is a classic that will never go out of style. Choose a pair of ankle boots in a bright color to really set off the black.

The Earthy Colors

Earthy colors like brown and green are easy to match with black shoes while offering a look a little more understated.

Burgandy, red or print leather leggings are fashionable, easy to pair with a sweater and shoes and should be a staple in your closet.

Street Style

If you have ever wondered how to wear faux leather leggings, think button-down shirt, an oversized sweater and ankle boots or sneakers. This is an ideal street style outfit perfect for any casual occasion.

Stripes and Denim

One of the best looks for your leather leggings is denim and red stripes. You can complement this trendy look with leopard booties or mules.

The Round Hem

Choose a long shirt with a rounded hem to add some extra length. This will cover the front and back of your leggings for a touch of added style. Draw attention to your ankles with a pair of high heeled, strappy sandals.

The Oversized Sweatshirt

For a look both comfortable and stylish, pair your leather leggings with an oversized sweatshirt and high heeled boots. This casual look is ideal for meeting up with friends or going shopping.

The Power of the Leopard Scarf

Put together a pair of black leather leggings with a long black sweater. Set it off with a leopard printed scarf, leopard shoes or boots and a leopard bag for a look certain to be noticed.

If you are not a fan of leopard, choose your favorite print for your scarf. Then wear complementary, matching boots with your leather leggings.

Classic and Polished

For a classic and polished look perfect for everything from the office to a nightclub, go neutral. The question of how to wear leather leggings is answered with a sophisticated neutral blouse and a blazer just one or two shades darker.

Add a pair of neutral heels and a bold necklace for a look both bold and understated at the same time.

Snappy Casual

A cute and preppy option for business meetings or the office is leather leggings with a tunic length oxford shirt. You can pull it all together by adding a structured vest. The added layering will make your outfit sensational.

This outfit is just as much fun for dancing or clubbing as it is for work. Add a pair of long, flashy earrings to complete your evening look.

The Knitted Sweater and Wedge Booties

For a fantastic and warm winter look, add a thick knitted sweater to your leggings. Add wedge booties for a tough yet soft appearance.

A long warm coat in soft beige will add additional warmth and style. Add a knit scarf for a truly sensational look.

The Drop-Shoulder

For a sexy look, pair your black leggings with a bright white sweater with a drop-shoulder. Add caged heeled pumps with studs and a matching handbag for a perfect look from lunch to a night out on the town.

The Glossy Leggings

For a phenomenal outfit, pair glossy black faux leather leggings with a gray cable-knit sweater. Add ankle boots and a handbag in a bright print to really make a statement.

How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings for a Special Date

Choose a long, soft blouse in pastel pink or rose. Add a pair of textured, suede leather booties. You can choose open or closed toes, thick or skinny heels and rounded or pointy toes.

Complete your outfit with a heart-shaped pendant or locket. This outfit offers a soft yet sensual look for all special occasions.

The Magnificient Sequins

Wear your black leather leggings with a sequin top. You can wear an extender underneath for an incredible look. Choose a pair of shoes with a high, slender heel in the same color as your sequins.

The Hat

Choose a black hat to compliment your black leather leggings. A long sweater in pale blue or green will contrast beautifully with your hat. A pair of black suede ankle boots are the perfect finishing touch.

Here’s a great video showing you how to style your leather leggings with many different options:

There you have it, that’s pretty much all the ways you can wear a leather leggings and look good doing it. We hope like always this article helped you, and stay tuned for more.