Can You Workout in Lularoe Leggings? YES Obviously You Can

I find this to be somewhat of a silly question, people know that you can workout with leggings right? So why ask can you workout in Lularoe leggings. Are there not leggings like any other? Most likely that this brand is better than most, so the answer is clear, but if you want to get technical, let’s do that.

Given that Lularoe quickly rose to fame as a leading high quality leggings brand, it should not come as a surprised that working out in Lularoe leggings is perfectly ok, and even better than most. In this post, we will try and go over the pros and cons of exercising with a Lularoe leggings.

Can you workout in Lularoe leggings? – YES. You can

The short answer to the question ” Can I workout with my Lularoe leggings ” is absolutely yes. It’s a high quality brand, why not? But before we dwell into the reasoning of why you can, let’s examine why people ask this question in the first place. Because as it so happens, you’re not really comfortable working out with just any brand, so let’s begin.

There are several reasons why some types of legging brands will not be a great fit for working out with, let’s name a few now:

  • Leggings from low cost brands might be see through
  • Cheap leggings may torn much more easily while you stretch or put stress on them
  • Color may fade when mixing with sweat
  • Some brands are just not comfortable for working out
  • It get’s too hot – not the right fabric

There might be other reasons for not working out with leggings, but these are the main ones we can think of. So let’s explore each one in more detail before getting into the Lularoe Leggings workout info:

Leggings from low cost brands might be see through

So it’s not a shock to hear that low cost leggings might not use the gretest of fabrics and materials, that’s why the price tag is so low right? So a lot of people, especially girls, fear that while they workout, do yoga, stretch or anything like that, that the fabric will be see through and people will see their underwear and what not. This might happen with low cost leggings and is something to take into considiration when choosing a leggings to workout with.

Cheap leggings tend to tear much more easily

For the same reasons as above, cheap leggings from low cost brands tend to tear much more easily, why? Because the fabrics are usually very cheap and have low quality, the manufacturing process might be rushed and with no quality assurence as these brands usually work on quantity and not quality. For these reasons and more, low quality brands tend to beed more fixes and attention.

Color may fade when mixing with sweat

Low cost leggings use colors that fade quickly, it’s just a fact. So when mixing that with sweat from working out, it may fade much more quickly and you should know this before buying a pair that you think you will use a lot while working out.

Some leggings brands are not comfortable

Let’s be honest, some brands are just not comfortable, they may look amazing, they may be expensive, but at the end of the day you wear leggings to workout, and you need to feel comfortable with what you wear, especially when you want to focus on your workout, and not how you look and how it feels on your body.

Leggings get too hot

Choosing the right fabric for a working out leggings is very important, while most leggings brands and types are usually a good fit in this regards, you still needs to make sure you won’t wear a faux leather leggings to the gym, because you will literally, burn out so fast you will regret it and might need to quit the gym.

So can I work out with Lularoe Leggings or not?

Now let’s look at Lularoe, will it stand the test of the above or fall into the category of no go workout pants. Let’s go over the reasons why Lularoe leggings are great for working out with:

  1. Lularoe leggings are NOT see through – Let’s get this out of the way from the start. Lularoe uses great materials so the fabrics might stretch a little bit, but it won’t be see through
  2. Does it tear easily? – Nope, we found many girls reviewing the leggings saying that they keep their shape and do not tear that easily. so that’s great news for girls looking for a good workout leggings
  3. Does the color fade? Not so much, while obviously after a lot of washes and usage, the color might fade ( especially in light colors ), it won’t happen quickly though. So you should not worry about it all that much.
  4. Is it comfortable? – Lularoe actually coined the term ” Buttery soft “. Their leggings are so soft it’s like nothing you ever wore, even after a few washes it will not lose it’s softness.
  5. It’s not hot – Because again, the materials used are great for working out and keeping you fresh.

Here’s a short video review of a girl talking about working out with Lularoe leggings:

PRO TIP when choosing a work out leggings

When you try it on, stretch, stretch your legs while crouching in front of the mirror and look at your rear end to make sure it’s not see though or look dangerously close to tear. 

UPDATE – We noticed that some people complained about the brand leggings tearing and being of low quality, there’s even a law suit against the brand. People think that the brand tried to keep up with demand and lowered their quality manufacturing so the the leggings dropped in quality. We don’t have any official information and we only provide the info as it appear online. The company itself issued a statement that they deny these allegations and that the quality of their products remain high. Again, this is according to the sources we found online, and not our own.