What Are Unicorn Lularoe Leggings And Where To Get Them

what are unicorn lularoe leggings

What are unicorn Lularoe leggings? I keep getting this question ever since I started writing for Best Leggings Daily. And for those who are not familiar with fitness cloths, apperently, unicorns are one of the most popular patterns people love to print on their yoga pants and leggings. So the Unicorn Lularoe legging item was born.

The most important thing to know about the unicorn Lularoe leggings or in fact any leggings by Lularoe is that all of their patterns are usually very limited and sell out fast, so when finding a pattern you like, make sure to grab it before it’s gone.

The best way to get your hands on a unicorn leggings by Lularoe is to stay active and not just wait for them to magically show up ( pun intended ). Be active on social media, visit retailers to get those rare finds.

How to get my hands on the Lularoe unicorn leggings

Many times Lularoe retailers do a Facebook live event where they showcase new patterns that just came out, and the first one to comment, or first 10 get a chance to purchase the limited edition leggings, so if you see a pattern you like, and you don’t act fast, you will lose it to someone else.

Another option is to visit the retailers in person and get connected with them and get notified first hand when new items come out.

This will require you to do some ground work, and show you are a legit Lularoe fan, but if you really want to get limited edition items, this is the way to go.

Is the Lularoe Unicorn legging really that rare?

We have simple answers:

  1. YES, they are rare
  2. The term unicorn is misleading, a unicorn in the Lularoe community may refer to a really unique leggings pattern, and not actual unicorn patterns.
  3. It’s just slang, get over it.

Well, yes and no, the deal with Lularoe leggings is that all of their patterns are really limited edition, so you when you do find a pair you like, it might be so rare that there’s only a handful of it, sometimes the patterns get so unique there’s actually only 1 of each. Just like a unicorn…Get it?

Lularoe has a strong community of followers who simply adores the brand and follow every new release. When they see an item that is so unique and has a wide spread popularity, they might dub it a Unicorn.

So besides actual unicorn leggings, there are also other rare leggings by the brand that are just called this way because of how cool and rare they are.

What Are Unicorn Lularoe Leggings – Tips and where to search

How to search and find a unicorn Lularoe leggings

Getting a Lularoe leggings is not that straight forward, you only have a few ways of getting them and here are some of the options you have:

  • Buy from dealers ( Consultants )
  • In person sales is private homes
  • Online Facebook groups
  • Lularoe special custom websites

What are Lularoe dealers AKA Consultants

The brand works in a specific way where they don’t use physical stores but instead work directly with indipendent retailers who sell the items to their clients. These retailers or dealers are commonly known as Fashion Consultants.

There are currently around 80,000 reported dealers who sell Lularoe products and it’s fairly easy to know or hear about one of them and where they are located.

Just ask around, and see the nearest dealer near you, or simply visit this link to see a list of dealers and regions.

Note that every dealer has it’s own unique stock and inventory, so you will probably never find the same item in two different stores.

In person sales in private homes

Some of the brand dealers are using creative methods in selling their products, if you are heavily involved in the leggings games, and follow the brand, you may know a few who does this, they host open house style parties where they offer the items for sale.

You can just look at Facebook groups for the next home sale near you.

*We couldn’t really find one happening next to us, so maybe this method have died down

Online Facebook groups

There are several groups that are dedicated to selling leggings and selling Lularoe specifically.

Below are a few we could find, you simply join them, and wait for the item you want to purchase.

here are a few groups we found quickly:




It’s easy to find more. Just search on Facebook

Lularoe special custom websites

Here are a few known sites that act as a dealer to sell Lularoe products:



There arn’t too many of these around, but the two we found was pretty easy to locate.

Bonus – Shop on eBay

Yes! It’s a no brainer that people who bought Lularoe products and don’t want them anymore or someone who just re-sells them will go to eBay.

eBay is one of the largest second hand marketplace online, so it makes sense to post your items for sale there, you can find real gems there, or Lularoe Unicorns.

Here’s a video by YouTuber Hey Steph & Jill that pretty much explains what we talked about in this clip, if you want a video version of it:

So there you have it, we explained what are Lularoe unicorn leggings and where to find them. If you have something to add to this article, please leave a comment below or just contact us and we will add it.