Doctor Who Leggings In All Shape And Sizes For TARDIS Lovers

dr who leggings 2

Looking for some cool doctor who leggings? In this article we will show you some of the coolest and rarest doctor who yoga pants and leggings we could find online, and also where to get them, so you can stop looking now, you’ve found what you wanted. 

What are doctor who leggings

Well, doctor who is a popular TV show that originated in the UK back in 1963. The show is about a character called ” The Doctor ” who is a time lord that can travel into different dimensions and through time.

For hardcore fans, you can easily recognize the famous telephone booth which was a big part of the show.

The doctor who television show gained so much popularity over the years that it created a large number of merchandise sales following the success of the show, including a leggings line that has patterns of the famous doctor who.

Below we will showcase all the dr who leggings we could find and how to get them. 

Here are all the leggings featuring doctor who patterns or the tardis leggings pattern as well

Doctor Who leggings with various character sketches

doctor who leggings

This is a light blue and grey style leggings with sketches of the famous Dr Who characters and animations. For a true lover of the show, this is a great find.

Colorful leggings with the doctor graphics – very cool

dr who leggings 2

For people looking for more color, this pair is a great choice. My personal favorite for sure. Some of the details you can see on this leggings is the famous TARDIS, Dalek, Weeping angel and Cyberman. This is a busy looking leggings, but for some, it could be the perfect one. These leggings come with an elastic waist for extra comfort.

TARDIS, Phone booth leggings

doctor who leggings 3

The classic phone booth design, can you go wrong with this one? I don’t think so. It’s a little bit crazy on the eyes, but it looks great either way.

Dalek Exterminate leggings

dr who leggings

A black and red leggings with a star here and there. On one leg there is Dalek and on the other just the big word Exterminate, that’s about it. A great pair for people who love black and red.

Check out this video about the classic leggings:

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