Most Expensive Lularoe Leggings. Are They Worth It?

Think about the most expensive piece of clothing you own, I bet it’s less than a $1,000 right? Well there are people who pay that amount for leggings. That’s right, we’re going to take a look at the most expensive Lularoe leggings and learn a little bit more about them.

If you asked any women only a few years ago if they will wear leggings in public outside the gym or yoga class, 100% will say ” hell no! ” because leggings are a gym gear thing right?

Well, things change, and today women are actually spending hundreds of dollars on leggings just to wear them to a party or event, and not even to work out in, how did leggings get so expensive?

Most expensive Lularoe leggings on the market

Let’s start by saying that leggings come in all different prices, some cost $15 while some can cost $100 and even more than $1,000!

Some brands are known to be on the more expensive side and they appeal to a certain demographic of people. The Lularoe leggings brand is one of these.

And the most expensive leggings by Lularoe actually cost around $300. Would you pay that much for a pair of leggings? How about half that? Are they worth it? What’s the down low on these leggings and what makes them so expensive?

Now granted we found these on Poshmark so you can probably get most of the brand’s leggings for much less, but Lularoe is considered one of the top line brands on the market when it comes to high end leggings so you can expect to pay a little more for them.

So like we said, most expensive legging item by the Lularoe brand are a pair that cost $300 and you can get it here

Poshmark selling of expensive Lularoe leggingsImage via Poshmark

If you’re looking for the most expensive Lularoe item in general, there’s actually a T shirt by the brand that’s being sold for $1899. YUP.

It’s supposed to be very rare because only staff members got them for a convention, so someday someone will actually pay that much. You can see it for real here

most expensive lularoe leggings - T shirt by Lularoe sold on eBayImage via eBay

If you want to know what is the most expensive leggings in general, and not just by the Lularoe brand, we found that there is one pair from designer Fendi that was sold at a staggering $900 price tag. But since than the price has been reduced to a much more ” reasonable ” $540.

fendi expensive leggings

The rich and famous don’t really have a problem with spending a few hundred dollars on anything they like, so it’s easy to understand the target audience of these priced items.

Are the most expensive Lularoe leggings and other items worth the money?

We wanted to know if paying more for a pair of leggings or other clothing item is actually worth it, or it’s pretty much the same thing and you just got robbed.

So there are actually two answers to this question:

1. Most of the high priced items are sold significatively higher because of the brand name. When you buy a Gucci bag you expect to pay more because the designer has a quality reputation and walking around with that bag will give you some authority of the brand and what it represents.

But in reality most of the high priced clothing items are manufactured in the same factories and places as less priced items, so again, you pretty much just pay extra for the brand name.

2. There are some brands that actually make higher quality items, and you pay extra for the manufacturing process as well as the brand name.

For example, one of a kind items are usually priced much higher because once you buy the item you can be sure there’s no other like it.

Another example is if the entire item was made by hand, what you call haute couture, then obviously the price will jump.

If special fabrics or materials were used, this will also increase the price. For example, some clothing brands like Adidas and Nike and also Lularoe use special developed fabrics on their leggings or shirts so that it will keep you dry or feel softer on your skin, so in these examples, it makes sense to ask for a higher price.

So as you can see, there are times when paying more for a pair of leggings is worth it. But obviously the limit should be within reason.

You be the judge of what is a fair price, and every person has his own budget and limits. If you can afford a $540 leggings and really want it, I say go for it!