How To Make Your Bum Look Bigger In Leggings Guide

People are pretty much obsessed with butts, we know this, it doesn’t really matter who’s the person with the nice bum, female or male, we’re looking, and we like them tight and up.

So do you wonder how to make your butt look bigger in leggings or any other pants? This is what this post is about, we want to help you make your butt look bigger and tighter in leggings.

How to make your bum look bigger in leggings – Starting tips

Remember that old saying, ” You are what you eat “, well it’s very true when it comes to working out and trying to gain muscles. The basic for every exercise plan is usually a good diet. And it’s no different with trying to flex and tone your butt muscles.

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You also need to start paying more attention to what you wear if you want to make your bum look bigger in leggings. Anything that doesn’t put the emphasis on your waist, really needs to go. To really show off your bum, you need a high definition waist line.

There are a few obvious clothing choices like going with some leggings that sculpt your butt, or even a trumpet shaped fitted skirt. These are all great choices to increase bum look.

On the subject of leggings, you should go with softer fabrics, and we also recommend going for the high waist to give you that lifting effect you’re looking for.

The high waist will give you a great snug feeling and will actually make your waistline look thinner which in turn will lift your butt and make it look thicker and bigger.

Whenever you want to lift your butt and make sure people will notice it, just think about how to get the attention away from other parts of your body, so people will notice your luscious figure. Showing some legs is always a good idea to get people looking at the right location.

Wearing a tight legging will also do the trick. It will provide compression and add definition to your silhouette and lift your rear.

How to make your bum look bigger in leggings – Fashion tips

If you were not born with a butt like Kim Kardashian, don’t feel bad just yet, there are many simple tricks and hacks that you can use to make your butt look bigger and more round. A few fashion adjustments can usually solve your butt problems. So get ready to wow everyone in the club tonight!

1. High heels – Yes, it’s pretty basic, but still some women don’t know this simple trick. Wearing high heels will lift your bum, it will make you look taller, and it will create a more intense standing position, or posture in your waist, this will have a great effect on your butt and will make it look bigger.

Just make sure to go with heels that are also comfortable for you, as you don’t want to suffer while you walk around just to make a point. People will notice.

2. Choose black color – Wearing a black color legging will help. If you need help choosing the right one, we wrote about the best black leggings here and it will help you choose the right one. If you want to turn heads, don’t go with stripes or anything like huge flower patterns on the leggings or anything that is loose in nature.

You want to go tight, and black.Remember this thumb rule for showing off your butt in leggings 

The slimmer you can get around the waistline, the more your butt will show

3. Show off your bust – Yes, this may sound counter intuitive, but if you tried everything and still not happy with the results, and your butt looks flat, a great tip is to use your other assets to distract and divert attention from what you don’t want people to look at.

So if you have a natural big bust, you can easily show a little cleavage and make people look where you want, and they won’t notice your bum that’s for sure.

4. Exercise – I know I know, but there’s no way around it. If you do some physical workout like squats or leg press or even dead lifts, it will build muscle around your buttocks and burn fat.

Obviously if you work out enough and in a healthy way, your waist line will be leaner, and your butt will look bigger and more fit. This is the natural and most healthy way to lift your butt.

5. Think about your shirt – If you wear a tight light legging jeans and add a nice short top, it will make your lower part look thinner and longer.

This combination will make it look like your rear end is bigger, don’t be afraid to show off some skin around your waist, it will get the job done.

If you’re still not convinced and need something extra to give you that extra booty look, there are actually a few items you can buy that will help lift your butt. Here are some of the items we could find:

Use a butt lifter

Yes, it’s a thing. It’s just like a push up bra for your butt. It works by squeezing everything around your butt cheeks so that your cheeks get a nice pear and round shape. If you wear it under a pair of jeans, it will give your butt the shape you want trust us. – See an example of it here

make your bum look bigger


Wear scrunch leggings

You already know about scrunch shorts, so this is very similar. Scrunch leggings will have an elasticated section that will naturally make your bum look bigger and honestly just add a nice pattern to your look without sacrificing comfort.

This trend is starting to pick up in popularity in recent years and we are sure to see more of it soon. See some examples here

how to make your bum look bigger in leggings - scrunch leggings

Wear a waist trainer

By wearing a waist trainer, you can make your waist look thinner and slimmer, and that will naturally make your butt look bigger, it’s just how it is. We are not going to write about if you should use it or not, it’s your own decision.

But it is known to help create the effect of a bigger butt just by slimming down your waist line. Is it comfortable? I’m guessing not so much, does it get the job done? Probably. Browse some items here

how to make your butt look bigger in leggings - waist trainer

Let us know in the comment section below if you have more tips, or if you know any of these here work well for you.