Can I Wear a Bra With My Swimsuit? Wearing a Standard Bra With My Swimsuit

Can I Wear a Bra With My Swimsuit? So many women asked this question online, we decided it’s time to tackle it head on. In this article, you will learn if wearing a bra under your swim suit is ok, and what other things to consider if you decide to do it.

Considering the billions of problems women face while shopping for a swimsuit, we realize that “the one” is just a myth. Perfectly fitting swimsuits are very difficult to find, especially for a woman with cup size D or larger. Apart from the size, it is almost impossible to find something that matches our color, texture, material, and style requirements.

Hence, sometimes we accidentally buy the wrong size. This mistake becomes more common when we shop for swimwear online.

Now, if our swimsuit is letting us down, the first question that comes to our mind is, can we wear a bra with your swimsuit? Technically, yes, we can. But one should not.

Instead, we can opt from the various other options available in the market. Got no idea about them? Well, we can explore them together.

Wearing a standard bra with my swimsuit

First of all, why would you want to put on a bra with your swimsuit?

When I listened to this question, I wasn’t surprised at all. One must want to wear a bra under their swimsuit if their bust isn’t supported by the swimsuit alone.

It is, in fact, a common problem of every swimwear. They aren’t as supportive as the bras. Swimwear is designed to be worn in the summer under the shimmering sunlight. They have flimsy support, thin straps, and small cups that put your overall body look above your fitting.

Another problem faced by the women wearing swimsuits is the exposure of their nippular area. When you go in and out of the water, your body undergoes temperature fluctuations. Thus, your body can get a lot more noticeable.

At times, instead of a prominent papilla, you can see that a bump exists near the nippular area. As a result, a person feels uncomfortable in this bathing suit.

The trendier styles like the swimsuits with free-flowing bralettes can make you uncomfortable in a crowd. Therefore, many women think of wearing a bra under their swimwear to make themselves feel comfortable.

But, Why can’t you wear a bra with your swimsuit?

It sounds reasonable to wear the bra with a swimsuit. Standard bra indeed provides more support and comfort in comparison to swimwear. However, it is not appropriate to wear a bra with your swimwear.

First of all, swimsuits and bikinis are designed to be worn tight against the skin. If you wear a bra with these form-fitting clothes, it will just bulge out and give odd-looking bumps.

Secondly, the materials used for manufacturing bathing suits and bras are different. Swim wears use synthetic, fast-drying materials that enable them to dry faster. On the other hand, bras are made up of thick cotton. They don’t dry quickly. Your wet body can make you feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, the fabrics used for manufacturing bras are vulnerable to damage by chlorine and sand. Not only the cloth but a dip in the ocean wearing a bra can affect its sizing. As a result, mesh, lace, satin, and other materials in a bra can have their lifespan reduced.

Suppose you are thinking about wearing a bra while tanning, don’t take on that risk.

Here’s a fact you must know: sunlight fades the fabrics’ color (most commonly the natural materials). Thus, it will make your bra look worn down more than it is. Direct exposure to sunlight can also stain the fabrics.

Also, the bra doesn’t appear seamless that would completely hide within your swimsuit. It is only a matter of time after which your strap or cup starts showing.

But, if you still insist on using bras, choose the adhesive bras and silicone bras instead of the regular ones.

We start looking for additional support or alternative clothes because they are uncomfortable to wear. Wearing a bra wouldn’t solve your problem; instead, it will complicate it. By the way, do you want to add another thick layer to your body on a sunny beach?

So, how can you avoid needing a bra in the bathing suit?

You must be disappointed to hear that you can’t wear a bra underneath your swimsuit. But don’t feel so dull. Regular bras aren’t the only option that can provide support to your busts. Other options can be used instead of these standard bras:

Using Bra-Sized Swim Tops Instead of Regular Bra

Bra-sized tops are designed to give the bra’s comfort and support with swim wear’s functionality and style. They are just like your favorite bra but provide the look of cute swimwear. They can be bought according to our bra size, thus fits the best.

Anyone can use this bra-sized swim top. They are available in various colors and sizes( from small to large sizes). If you have undergone mastectomy recently or has large busts, this is the best swimsuit option for you.

For someone having D and DD+ cup sizes, they are a blessing. Are you worried about your small cup sizes? Well, Bra-sized tops will also fit you perfectly.

Not only the sizes but styles are also available for everyone.

The bra-sized swim tops are also sold separately in the market. So, someone having a huge difference between her bust size and hip size can buy the products separately by mixing and matching. The other various benefits provided by these swim tops are given below:

  • Padding:

Some bathing suits are provided with padding to support your breasts. The materials used for padding can vary from silicone to foam.

Swim wears with removable pads are also available. You can insert and remove them in your suits as per your requirement.

The soft cups made of thick fabric (foam cups, sharper cups, and molded bra cups) can give extra support to your breast and protect your nippular area from showing off.

You can also use push-up bikinis to add more support to your clothes and the perfect shape to your body. They push the breasts up and inward and create an instant cleavage. They come both in underwire and non-underwire styles.

  • Boning in Swimsuit

Sometimes, a plastic or metal seam is placed at the swimwear side to provide additional structure and support to the body. They also give a perfect shape to the swimsuit. Although it can be added to all kinds of bikini tops, they are especially common in bandeau and strapless tops.

Even if you don’t find a bathing suit in the market that offers boning, you can insert a piece into it; all you have to do is side seam. Remember, if you add boning in a bikini, it needs to be of the same length as the boning in one-piece.

  • Underwires

Like the bras, some bathing suits have underwires sewn into each cup. They are placed in a U-shape underneath the breast. Although the swimwear having no wires are more comfortable to wear as compared to underwired ones, but they can provide more support.

The underwires also lift the breasts a little. Therefore you don’t have to go to the beach carrying your saggy breasts. You have to remember that underwires is not available in bralettes and bras having triangular shaped cups.

Hidden underwire tops are more popular nowadays. It provides a more natural and smoother appearance. Most commonly, tankini tops and one-piece suits have hidden underwires. 

  • Sturdy Bands:

The swimsuits with sturdy bands are something that most women wouldn’t opt for. This is because bathing suits with sturdy bands have been labeled as something lacking sex appeal.

Nowadays, there are various options of swimwear available in the market that both look good and give support. I would recommend you to buy a bikini that has been designed with more of a tankini style instead of searching for broader straps.

These bathing suits not only provide gorgeous flattening coverage but also gives comfort. Especially for the new moms having stretch marks, excess weight, and added skin flaps, this is the best choice.

Using Silicone bras:

Using Silicone and Adhesive Bras can also do. These bras come in various sizes and colors, so you get a wide range of options. It would be best to stick with the bras having the best cups or adhesive type silicone pads as a beginner.

They are waterproof and have special adhesive tapes. Roll on glue is applied around the chest area and breast forms are also present. Thus, it will also remain in place even if you are underwater. Invisible silicone bras are the best option to buy for the beach.

But, if you buy the wrong product, it will do more harm than good. Sweating will make your skin slippery, and it will make the silicone bra slip out of your underwear. The water and sand and enter inside your silicone bra and damage it.

Where to buy these Bra-sized swim tops and Silicone bras?

You can buy these bra-sized swimwear and silicone bras from the local lingerie stores and online marketing websites. In popular marketing sites like Amazon, Clovia, and Zivame, this is available in various colors and sizes.

Though cheap products are also available at these sites, there are chances that they may not last for a more extended period. In the case of silicone bras, cheap ones don’t have adequate sticking capacity. So, prioritize their quality over their price.

The bra-sized swimwears are also available at online retail stores like Nordstrom, Kohl’s, and Linda: The Bra Lady has an excellent collection. But, while making an online purchase, you must be aware of your bra size; else, it becomes a tiresome job.

If you are shopping out of season, online is your best choice. You don’t have to deal with limited stocks or the unavailability of the proper size, material, texture, or color.

But, someone who is not sure about her size should search by the local stores she trusts. You will at least save yourself from the trouble of ordering and returning products.

Some lingerie stores even have sizes that are generally hard to find, including the A to K+ cup sizes and 28-44+ band sizes. Shopping at the local store also gives you the advantage of getting the bra fit by a professional bra fitter.

These experts provide you your proper size, so you don’t have to worry about your looks. They guarantee you the perfect look.

How to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body

Finding the perfect swimsuit for your body is like finding your soulmate. Only the women who have searched for their swimwear knows how difficult it is to find “the one.” But, everything can be made easier with a comprehensive set of rules. So, here it is; a guide to your perfect swimming partner:

  • Finding the body type

Identifying your body type is the first step towards finding your swimsuit. Not all swimsuits would suit your body type. You have to see to which category your body belongs and what would fit you the most. This way, you can purchase the swimsuit that would satisfy you.

  • Getting Comfortable

Our ancestors started designing clothes to protect themselves from harsh weather that was making them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the main intention of wearing anything should be about feeling cozy and comfortable. It will boost your confidence and, ultimately, your body language.

  • Make sure about buying the right quality product.

Quality is the most critical aspect of any garment. It should also be kept in mind while shopping for a swimsuit. Make sure that you don’t buy swimwear made up of thin fabric because it can get baggy in water.

  • Trying up the swimwear before buying.

Buy the swimwear only after trying it. Don’t choose any item randomly for purchasing—your money matters. So, take your time, try various styles and designs, and then pick the right one. Sometimes, swimwear that may not look appealing to you at first can be your perfect match.

Try various color combinations and choose the one that complements the color of your skin. Even taupe, brown, and tawny neutral colors can give a super chic look. But don’t over-accessorize your look. Dress up.

Also, make sure you are looking at yourself from the back. The backside view also counts.

  • Cover-Ups

Make sure to buy cover-ups before heading towards the beach. You can put it on after an active swimming session and go for grabbing lunch. You can wear your cover-up at a poolside party like a dress and match it with the heels.

My Body Type Matters! How?

As I have mentioned earlier, there’s a perfect bikini style for every body type. You have to choose the one the complements your body and brings a sense of completeness into your overall style.

For someone with a smaller bust, swimwear that is padded or has a ruffle and the horizontal strip would be the best choice. It would add some volume on their top.

For a woman with large bust size, a supportive style with a halter neckline is important. The band under the bust and the wider strap around the neck is comfortable when it comes to swimsuit styles.

A v-neckline one-piece and a swimsuit with an underwire built-in would also look good on you. But, don’t wear swimsuits having push-up padding or thin straps. A padded bra is ideal for women who don’t own a curvy body.

The woman having a short torso should opt for a swimsuit that would make her body appear elongated. A one-piece suit having an asymmetric design is an ideal piece for women with this body type.

Someone having a long torso should opt for a two-toned, two-piece swimsuit with dark colors. This style would break her body to create the illusion of a shorter torso.

A lower rise cut or side rings can give the appearance of a smaller back.  You can match a dark color to make your back look smaller. But, make sure that your clothes are not too tight or it will make you look bigger.


Every garment serves different purposes. Standard bras are not an option for enhancing our swimwear look. There are appropriate techniques for doing everything; you need to reach out to them. If your swimwear doesn’t fit, you need to change it. Modifying their look can solve the problem for a short period, but not permanently. 

Looking at the models giving out practically impossible body goals might be disheartening for normal girls like us. We often don’t go for bikini, fearing we would look like an apple wearing some shreds of clothes. But it isn’t true.

Embracing your body type and dressing according to that gives us confidence. This confidence is enough to make us look beautiful in any costume we choose.

It is hard to choose the right style from the wide range of choices available to us. But, if we can find Mr. Right from the seven billion people in the world, why can’t we find our perfect “swim-mate.”