Lululemon Leggings Size Chart – How to Measure Leggings, a Size Chart for the Brand

The lululemon leggings size chart is similar to any other size chart for fitness apparel such as leggings and what not. But in this article we wanted to give you all the info you need about how to measure leggings and provide you with an easy to read size chart for Lululemon leggings so you won’t get the wrong size next time you shop at their stores.

When it comes to a reputable brand of clothing, you can’t go wrong with Lululemon leggings.

Yet, with such an esteemed brand comes a noticeable increase in price tag! For this reason, its vital to get that perfect fit the first time around.

Here we offer an easy to use sizing chart for the Lululemon leggings brand. This will ensure that you get those exact measurements needed before placing your order. Thus, you’ll guarantee a fantastic looking fit every time.

Lululemon Leggings Size Chart – Why Size Is Important in Lululemon Leggings

Because of the unique construction of lululemon leggings, they look great when fitted correctly. They also work well to support whatever activities you choose to wear them for. However, they can only do this well if you select that perfect pair. So, getting that correct size for your individual needs is crucial here and makes this Lululemon leggings size chart even more important to read.

More so, these leggings range from sizes US 0 to US 14. They also offer shapes varying from high rise, tight to super high rise alongside full length, cropped, and 7/8 legging types.

How Do I Measure Myself for Lululemon Leggings?

Whatever your usual current size is, it’s best practice to measure yourself for three vital measurements before buying Lululemon leggings.

Your Waist Size – Place the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist. lululemon-leggings-size-chart
Your Hip Size – Place the tape measure around the largest part of your hips. lululemon-leggings-size-chart
Your Inseam Size – This is the length of your inner leg from the top of your thigh to your ankle  lululemon-leggings-size-chart

You can then take these measurements and use them to match up with Lululemon’s standard bottom sizes, which are:

Waist Hip Standard Inseam Lululemon Size
55 cm 80 cm 79 cm US o
59 cm 84 cm 81 cm US 2
64 cm 89 cm 81 cm US 4
69 cm 94 cm 81 cm US 6
74 cm 99 cm 81 cm US 8
79 cm 104 cm 81 cm US 10
84 cm 109 cm 81 cm US 12
89 cm 114 cm 81 cm  US 14

Converting Lululemon Legging Sizes to UK Sizes

Once you have got the correct measurements above, you can then use these to apply to standard UK sizes, as follows:

Lululemon Size UK Size
US o UK 4
US 2 UK 6
US 4 UK 8
US 6 UK 10
US 8 UK 12
US 10 UK 14
US 12 UK 16
US 14  UK 18

Converting Lululemon Legging Sizes to Europe Sizes

Similarly, if it’s Europe sizes that you need, a quick conversion here is also simple to do to get that correct size of leggings:

Lululemon Size UK Size
US o EU 32
US 2 EU 34
US 4 EU 36
US 6 EU 38
US 8 EU 40
US 10 EU 42
US 12 EU 44
US 14  EU 46

How to Further Ensure You Get the Correctly Sized Lululemon Leggings

Unfortunately, many women find they end up with the wrong size of leggings when it comes to their Lululemon purchase. This is often because they fail to check on the hips, waist, and indeed inseam measurements. These are the most crucial elements of such legging types.

However, you can also use several other methods of checking for the best fit here as well as the sizing charts.

  • Are Your Lululemon Leggings Comfortable?

The most vital part of a pair of Lululemon leggings is their comfort factor. So, you should feel as though your leggings fit you with ease. This means you don’t have that feeling they’re going to rip or cause you to fall out of them should you move!

There should be no feeling of cutting in anywhere, and especially no squeaking or pinching. This is particularly so in the waistband. If this does occur, you may need to consider the next size up.

  • Can You Move with Ease When Wearing Your Lululemon Leggings?

When you try on your leggings, make sure you can move around a little. Attempt a few lunges, squats, and jog on the spot in them. As you do this, make a note of how they feel during this movement and, of course, when you stop.

Here you will need to make sure that everything stays put, rather than glides up and down. If you find yourself having to adjust them or they move around far too much for comfort, again, consider trying for a smaller size.

  • Do Your Leggings Look Smooth When Worn?

Often when the pair of leggings you select is an incorrect size, they present a form of wrinkling action. This can occur when the leggings are too small and appear overstretched as a result. This usually shows itself in the crotch area.

However, wrinkling can also occur when the leggings chosen are too big. This results in an excess fabric with both the thigh and crotch area showcasing a lot of wrinkling and creasing.

When you stand up straight, the fabric of your Lululemon leggings should fall smoothly over the front of your hips, showing no signs or overstretching or wrinkling.

Lululemon Leggings Size Chart  – What Are Lululemon Leggings?

Lululemon leggings come from the company’s apparel brand. Designed primarily as an athletic brand, Lululemon leggings are considered essential by many satisfied customers as the absolute best for wearing when running, training, and yoga purposes.

But, they are, of course, used by many other wearers for indeed everything else in between!

The Fabric Used in Lululemon Leggings

Best of all, for many customers wearing the Lululemon brand of leggings is their unique use of word-class fabrics!

Here the designers, creators, and indeed manufacturers rely solely on the most innovative of design concepts. They then blend these with the most functional of technology.

The result is a legging type that supports the ultimate in performance. This allows the wearer to achieve their potential each time they put on their leggings.

With a selection of material types employed throughout Lululemon leggings, here you can expect to find anything from:

  • Everlux
  • Luon
  • Luxtreme
  • Nulu
  • Nulux
  • Swift
  • Warpstreme
  • Vitasea
  • Silverescent Technology

Each fabric type used in every different legging type is a unique choice and selected for several purposes. Whether it’s a sweaty studio session, yoga session, running, training, or simple light activity, there is a legging to suit.

Besides active legging types, Lululemon also encourages those looking for leggings to travel and commute or simply lounge about in to seek out the perfect, most comforting pair from their range – to help them do all this in style!

The choice of material employed here also lends to a different feel with each legging purchase. These range from cottony soft, cool on the skin, smooth, cool to the touch, buttery soft, silky smooth, lightweight, and indeed durable.

These were our main tips and guidance on the Lululemon leggings size chart and how you should measure yourself before shopping for their pairs. We hope you learned something and that it helped you in some way.