What Are Ponte Leggings Or Pants. And Why Should You Care

What are ponte leggings that’s what I want to know today. If you asked yourself this question many times before like me, you’re in the right place to learn.

So the really short answer is that ponte leggings or pants are pants that fit your body like leggings, but look like a skinny jeans. 

Yes, that’s it, you can scroll to a different article now, you’ve got your answer.

But if you want to learn more about the ponte leggings, like the benefits of it, the downsides, how to wear ponte pants like a pro and more, you should keep reading.

What are ponte leggings?

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Directly translated from Italian – Ponte de Rome means bridge of Rome. As these pants are officially called Ponte De Rome and not just Ponte. If you’re a sewing master, you heard this term before because the term Ponte is from that world and it means how the fabric is constructed.

Ponte is when a fabric is weft-knitted, interlock based and double jersey. You understood everything I just wrote if you know your way around textile. If not, you learned something new today friend.

Let’s dig dipper shall we?

What is Weft Knitting 

Weft Knitting is when someone knits loops just along the width of the fabric. Most of the knits that are made to make clothes are weft knitting. If you’re wondering what is Wrap knitting, it’s just the opposite. Where you knit loops down the length of the fabric. Makes sense right?

What are interlock knits

Interlock knits are somewhat similar to your jersey knits, but they are constructed by knit stitches on both the front and back. Instead of using a purl stitch for just the back. What that basically means is that both sides of the interlock knit look the same.

Because of all what I explained above, jersey knits are less stretchy and are much more tightened than jersey knits.

What is a Jersey 

When using knit stitches or just plain stitches, you usually mean the term jersey. That’s the type of knit fabric that’s constructed, Purl stitches on the back and plain stitches in the front.

To make things simple for you, most of your T shirts and leggings are jersey knits. That’s because the front side of a jersey knit is smooth and flat. Fine lines will run down across it and the back is a little bit more textured and you won’t see any ribs or nothing.

What is a double jersey 

Just like the name implies, you need two sets of yarn and two needles to pull this off. The fabric results is twice as thick as the regular jersey, when you double jersey a fabric, think of it like squeezing together the stitches facing each other, so the results is a smooth and flat fabric on both sides ( similar to the interlock knits )

So what are Ponte leggings? If a fabric is ponte knit, they will be smooth and flat on both sides. That’s how you know

How do you pronounce Ponte?

You’ve come this far in the article, so why not learn how to properly pronounce the word Ponte.

Ponte = PON tee

What kind of fabrics are used in Ponte leggings

Ponte fabrics used to be 100% polyester, but nowadays, most of the Ponte knits are a mix of polyester and nylon,spandex or rayon.

If you want to know more about each fabric mix, read below:

Polyester – This fabric is strong, super durable and dries up very quickly. Most low level employees in the 80s know polyester uniforms all too well.

Nylon – very similar to polyester, but much more delicate on the skin.

Spandex – Again very similar to both polyester and nylon, but Spandex is very flexible and stretchy and can hold its shape like a pro.

Rayon – Natural fiber made from wood cellulose, it is soft and will keep its shape and won’t hold your body hear. That’s awesome right?

With that combination of fabrics, it’s easy to see why leggings made of Ponte are super durable and long lasting.

So now you know what are ponte leggings

Do you really? Or you need me to repeat it one last time? Ponte leggings are pretty much the same as ponte pants. They are constructed like leggings, but they look like a skinny jeans. Every girl has a pair of these pants and they call it Ponte leggings. If you’re a dude, just ask your girlfriend or wife.

How does Ponte leggings feel on the body?

Ponte leggings don’t feel like any other leggings on your legs and body. They are much less sticky and tight. Because the fabric is much thicker.

Ponte leggings are not transparent

So you don’t have to worry about bending over and everyone behind you seeing your thong or bare skin. The Ponte will hold its place. Firmly, but comfortably.

So, this was our take on what are ponte leggings, and I hope you learned something today. If you want to check out some of our best of lists like best of Camo leggings feel free to browse.