10 Best Running Leggings For Women Who Like To Keep Warm

Doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, running on daily basis is important and requires proper kind of running leggings. Even if the leggings can be worn indoors, you need to consider the fact that it is very cold outside during the winter or on the flip side very hot during the summer. You also need to keep yourself warm and safe. It is extremely important that the leggings you pick are comfortable to run in, but It’s also very important to know whether they have any additional features that are great for chillier running sessions. We bring you 10 Best running leggings for women that you should own.

Things to know before choosing the best running leggings for ladies

Brand name – Yes, this is important, when you buy a pair of tight pants just for everyday use or for the home, you don’t really need or care about the brand or the material and quality, you just want them to be comfortable right? Well, when you want to go for a run, you need a solid leggings with you to help you out. Major brands like Adidas, Nike and every other brand we feature in this article and on other articles on this site will do the trick. just remember, every piece has it’s purpose, and you should know which brand and model is best for running, and which one is for the gym.

Material – Every brand has it’s own fabric types and mixes that make their products unique and their own. While most leggings are pretty much the same, made from stretchable thin fabrics, you should know and take the time to research and find out the differences between each pants so you will know which model is great for outdoor running, and which one is best for the gym. Which one is good for winter, and what about the hot summer days? These are all things you need to know.

1. New Balance Athletics Running Legging For Women

A great New Balance pair that looks great and makes sure you are warm and comfortable. These work awesome under T-shirts without leaving parts of your belly exposed to the cold weather due to the high waistband. The fabric is thick, yet it will not let you overheat!

New Balance Athletics Running Legging For Women


2. Stella McCartney Blue Running Tights

Designed to trap heat and dry quickly, these Stella McCartney leggings are a collaboration with Adidas and they are truly great. The stripes light reflective and are designed to keep you safe on the road so drivers could see you with ease and they look pretty cool too.

Stella McCartney Blue Running Tights

3. Under Armour women’s UA Fly-By printed legging

Compared to the most running leggings out there, these are the easiest to fit and move in. The fabric might seem a lot thinner, but it will keep you warm even in the coldest month while obviously being cool enough for hot summer days. Under Armour has established itself over the years as a leader in fitness apparel and it really shows.

Under Armour women’s UA Fly-By printed legging

4. Karrimor Xlite Windproof Tights Ladies

If you are looking for a more ‘classy’ look, try out these Karrimor Xlite Windproof tights. These windproof tights have lovely double layer of material in the upper half of the leg which makes them a great choice for winter running sessions. Awesome choice to try out.

Karrimor Xlite Windproof Tights Ladies

5. Ivy Park Panel Print Leggings

Beyonce’s line for Topshop truly stands out here knowing it is not a specialist running brand. The material is thick enough to keep you warm in colder temperatures without being restrictive and not too hot for the indoor activities. And we know everyone wants to own a pair of leggings with tied to the Beyonce brand

Ivy Park Panel Print Leggings

6. H&M Running Tights – good running leggings

As usually, H&M did a great job with these running leggings. They are super flexible and comfortable for the cold running times, featuring the adjustable drawstring waist, these will surely be kept in place. We really love how H&M always keep coming up with simple yet effective clothes for every budget.

H&M Running Tights - good running leggings

7. Reebok Long Leggings

Designed to maximize the airflow and reduce body temperature when training, these Reebok’s leggings are a real life saver in the cold temperatures. The reflective detailing is also really nice, keeping you visible on the road at night. Reebok is one of the oldest brands and one of the most reliable ones if you ask us. Check out more Reebok leggings here

Reebok Long Leggings

8. Lululemon Fast and Free 7/8 Tight II

If you are in need of something that feels super lightweight and comfortable, try out these. Designed to feel like a second skin, this pair of leggings is truly great and will keep you warm in the winter. They are a truly flattering fit featuring a high-rise waist and internal adjustable drawstring.

Lululemon Fast and Free 7/8 Tight II

9. Mizuno Impulse Printed Long Tight

These are classic running tights that will keep you warm without being restrictive. They come in four different colors and the waistband is thinner than on other leggings on the list. But don’t hold this against this pair, for people who like the lower end of the cut, these will be a great choice.

Mizuno Impulse Printed Long Tight

10. Nike Epic Lux

These leggings from Nike might not be the best winter choice but they are awesome for the autumn runs or training in the gym. They feature a wide waistband that supports your core when training without being restrictive to any of your movements.

Nike Epic Lux - best running leggings

Which pair of these jogging leggings would you pick? Have you ever tried any of these leggings and what are your opinions? Ready for a cold run?! Share with us in the comment section.