Can Guys Wear Leggings? Find Out Inside Plus Styling Tips For Men

I heard this so many times it’s getting ridiculous! Can guys wear leggings? My boyfriend wears leggings, is that normal? Why guys should not wear leggings, I mean please, why are we so obsessed about men wanting to wear tights or leggings? Is it really that big of a deal?

Leggings are known as one of the most wearable clothing items in the world ( if you consider both men and women ) so it’s no surprise that men will want to wear them too right? Let’s get this out of the way once and for all and figure out if it’s cool for men to put on these pants or not.

So should guys wear leggings or not?

Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but actually men used to wear leggings before women. If we go way back before cars and technology, it was very common for men to wear warm tights or cloths on their legs under their armour to keep them warm in cold weather while riding their horses into battle. So yeah, guys can wear leggings, that’s for a fact.

In more recent times, it’s also common for men to wear leggings under their fitness clothes, many athletes wear them as a way to keep their lower body warm so they can perform better. Here are a few more reasons why it makes sense for dudes to wear leggings:

1. Leggings are warmer than shorts. So if it’s really cold outside, baby, just put those leggings on.

2. Show off your leg muscles. YUP, why not, if you have strong legs and never skip leg day at the gym. show them off with a nice tight pair of leggings. 

3. So many choices, it’s never ending. There are endless prints, fabric types and colors in the leggings world, so you will never run out of choices. 

4. Comfort. Let’s face it people, leggings are just super comfortable, so why not wear them?! There’s no real reason other than just nonsense. 

5. Great for working out. Leggings are breathable and fit nicely on your body so you won’t even feel them on while you sweat in the gym. There’s a reason girls love wearing them so much.

Styling tips of guys that want to wear leggings

With so many choices, it’s easy to get lost in all the designs and very easily men can choose the wrong style with their leggings leaving them looking a little bit funny right? Below are a few styling tips on how to rock your leggings as a man.

*Pro tip: Wear longer t shirts. Yes, men are anatomically different from women, so when wearing such a tight pants as leggings, your front end side can be exposed. This is why you should wear a longer than usual shirt when you decide to wear your leggings so that it will hide your crotch while still showing those muscles. 

  • It’s all in the details, try and incorporate a few other items and accessories with your look, don’t just go half way, go all the way and look fabulous.
  • Layers are your friend, especially in the winter days. If you wear a few layers such as a sweater and even a coat, your look will be more complete.
  • Keep it simple stupid. Don’t over do it, a nice pair of leggings with a simple shirt is usually the best look you can have.
  • Don’t over play your hand. Your leggings are tight, don’t wear a tight shirt with it, it just looks bad. Loose shirts are the best choice when wearing a tight pants.
  • Don’t be afraid of colors. Yes, you’re already wearing something unique and cool, so take this opportunity by the horns and choose a colorful legging that will scream style!

Now go ahead and choose the pair you love the most, and rock you look. Before you go on and choose your favorite pair, we invite you to learn more about the leggings we all love and buy in this guide on the topic we published in the past.