How to Make Your Bra Straps Tighter In a Few Simple Steps

How to make your bra straps tighter – I got this topic for this article from my wife. We both love to exercise as much as possible and one day she put on her favorite sports bra and suddenly struggled to make it tighter. So, in this post we will take about ways to make your bra straps tighter and more info on sports bras in general.

I’m going out on a lime here and say that any women who ever wore a sports bra had trouble at one time adjusting it or making tighter, so I am sure this article will bring value to many.

Like many other things that are related to cloths, we know that most people don’t like to mess with them too much from fear of tearing them or hurting the fabric, and this is true in the case of tightening up your bra as well.

Below you will get info on how to make your bra straps tighter, making sure you do it right, without hurting the fabric or damaging your bra in any way. Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

Before we dive deep, here’s a short video explaining just what we do below:

How to make your bra straps tighter – Why adjusting your bra is important anyway

There are many events where women need to tighten their bra straps and here are some of these reasons below:

  • Bra straps when bought new can come in a different length than what you are used to
  • Over time, the straps can change their tightness and you need to adjust
  • Body shapes also change over time, and you might find yourself needing to adjust
  • Various activities demand different levels of tight or loose, some will require a very tight bra strap while others may need for a much loose strap.

What does it mean to make your bra strap tighter

Though you might think the act of tightening your bra strap is a very simple thing to do, in reality, you need to think about certain things before you do anything to hurt your bra.

When we say changing your bra strap we can mean both making it tighter or even making it loose. It all depends on your needs and your body type and obviously the size of the bra in question.

Examples of why you would want to make your bra straps tighter

You just bought the most amazing sports bra you ever saw in your life, you could already see yourself in the gym working out and everyone’s eyes turning to you and looking at you in awe, but in reality, when you put the bra on, you realized the straps are too big, you need to tighten them. This is a very common thing and only one of the most common reason for wanting to tighten your bra straps.

Another common example is that time does it’s thing. YES, over time thing change, even clothes and fabrics. Think about it, after so many washes and gym sessions, the straps will get loose that’s just a fact. You will need to adjust them from time to time and that is ok.

How to make your bra straps tighter with ease

1. Try the straps in the store

When you first purchase the bra, make sure the bra straps can adjust in size with ease, try and play with them while you are in the store trying the bra on. This will give you a good idea about the quality and longevity of the straps.

2. Start by adjusting just one strap

With your left hand, try and adjust your right bra strap and make it the right fit for your shoulder. Once you have one strap fitting good, you can move on to the next one and adjust it until it’s comfortable.

3. Lift the straps with your fingers

Start with lifting the straps with your fingers to create a gap between your shoulder and the strap, this will give you a better idea of where you want the strap to be and how tight is comfortable for you.

4. Slide the bra clip to the back

While you hold the bra strap use your other hand to slide the clip in the direction of the back of your bra, slide it until you feel it is tight enough ( or loose enough, if you want to loosen it up )

5. Let go of the strap

Let go, let the strap sit on your shoulders and walk around for a minute. Feel it out and see how it looks and if it holds your breast like it should and it’s comfortable.

6. Make small adjustments 

If you need to, make small adjustments to the clips until the tight level is just right for you. Every girl will have a different size and tight level, so don’t compare and try to make it fit like your friends.

How to test that the fit is good for you

Now that your bra straps are just tight enough, you can easily check that you didn’t go overkill and tighten it up so much that it might hurt the bra or worse, doesn’t feel comfortable.

After you tighten your bra straps, you will notice that on the back side, the bra has risen a little bit towards your shoulders, if you see this, you went too far and you need to adjust it. The bra should stay straight on your back side, it can be tight, but if it’s risen to your shoulders it’s too much.

To do this just release the clips a little bit and slowly until the clip in the middle of your bra at your back is somewhat at your back center. This is a good sign that the bra is now tight but still not too much.


There you have it, now you know how to make your bra straps tighter and you also know why straps sometimes get loose. If you want to know how to wear a carly with leegings, read here. Please share this article with your friends who also have this problem.