9 Best Designer Leggings For Girls Who Don’t Want To Compromise

We started this website to bridge the gap in all the legging designs out there so you could have one place to browse and shop the best leggings there is. This list of designer leggings are different though. While most leggings are a somewhat cheap or low priced item to own, the ones on this list are not. From top designer like Versace and Louis Vuitton, you will need to break your wallet if you want to get on of these. But hey, if you know what you like, you would pay for it right?

1. Roberto Cavalli gym designer leggings with animal print

Roberto Cavalli gym designer leggings with animal print

Roberto Cavalli is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and these designer leggings with a cute and sassy leopard print is simply one of a kind. If you’re in to these kind of designs, this might be the perfect pair you own. The Cavalli name is visible on the waistband. Check out the price on the site

2. Versace form-fitting leggings

Versace form-fitting leggings

A staggering red designer legging by Versace with a hidden zipper on the back side. For the girl who’s not afraid to put some color in her life, this will fit perfectly in your wardrobe. Because every woman wants to own a high quality designer outfit right? Get it here

3. Louis Vuitton stretched lambskin leggings

Louis Vuitton stretched lambskin leggings

Have you even thought that you could own a lambskin leggings designed by Louis Vuitton himself? This design is made from high quality lambskin, if you’re in to that stuff. The inside of each leg is made from soft satin and there’s a zipper on the side for easy wearing. This is definitely one of the most unique leggings we could find. Learn more about it here

4. Gucci stretch cotton leggings

Gucci stretch cotton leggings

This is a stretch cotton legging design with red and blue ribbons on the ankles to make it pop. Nothing really more to say about it, it’s from Gucci, so you know it’s high quality. If you want to learn more about it, check it out here

5. Donna Karan cropped high weist leggings

Donna Karan cropped high weist leggings

This might be the first designer leggings on this list that you can actually wear to workout in, and that are really good for this type of activity. The Donna Karan model really hits home. It comes with a high rise fit to be super comfortable and the fabric is just the perfect weight and softness to feel awesome on your body. Learn more about it here

6. Tom Ford satin leggings

Tom Ford satin leggings

The beautiful Tom Ford Design leggings comes with a high waistband and a horn button. You also get two pockets in the front part because this is more of a going out at night leggings and not so much going to the gym leggings, so keep this in mind. It also has invisible zippers in the ankles and is made of stretched silk and satin. Learn more here

7. Dolce & Gabbana Majolika silk leggings

Dolce & Gabbana Majolika silk leggings

From the I Love Maiolica collection, this very unique leggings is for ladies who look for something really special. You won’t waste your money and time on this unless you really love the Dolce and Gabbana brand as this one is really a one of a kind piece that fits a certain kind of lady. Learn more here

8. Armani leggings

Armani leggings

What more can we say about Armani that’s not already been said? The most recognised high fashion brand in the world? Quite possible. Well, they make great leggings too! This is a mid rise waistband leggings that just like the Donna Karan one, you can actually wear to the gym and have fun with it. It’s also a great leggings for running if you ask me. Learn more here

9. Vera Wang leggings

Vera Wang leggings

Vera Wand might got her fame designing wedding dresses, but she totally knows how to rock a pair of leggings too. These leggings just screams beauty. They might not be the perfect pair to run around the block, but for the night out or even that business meeting in a casual coffee house this will be perfect. Learn more here

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